Aviation Major: What Can You Do With An Aviation Degree?

For those who dream big about flying in the air, then the best option for them is to get an aviation degree. There are many careers in aviation, including being a pilot, engineer or mechanic, performer of airport operations, and aircraft manufacturing job. All these job opportunities are available in commercial airlines, private companies, airline companies, and government institutions.

Many aircraft manufacturing companies are hiring technicians and mechanics to built and maintain parts of an aircraft. To perform new experiments and bring variations with every aircraft, they need skilled mechanics and technicians. So those who have a strong background knowledge and good grades in Mathematics, general science, or industrial engineering can succeed really well in the field of aviation.

What Is The Benefit Of An Aviation Degree?

If you have some certificates or diplomas, you can have a professional degree to complete your profile. The professional degree would help to build your certifications in a completely new perspective. So, before you opt for any program, you must have a professional degree like aviation or a pilot degree. If you have a degree in aviation management, you can have jobs at leading positions. Instead of thinking about a single job after an aviation degree, thinks bigger about the varieties of careers that you can choose.

Careers In An Aviation Degree

Here is a list of How many careers you can choose if you have any variation degree.

Airport Planner And Station Manager

It is quite an interesting job if you know how to construct maps and adept in management. The duty of an airport planner is to keep a record of passengers coming and going out of the airport. He also keeps a check of the traffic in it. He keeps an eye on the airport building and extends it wherever necessary to accommodate all the people. He plans the airport building accordingly. The parking of an airport always needs to be extended due to the number of cars increasing day by day.

Airport Planner

The main job of station management needs excellent management skills. You need to manage all the operations of an airport. It can be supervising that all the actions are running smoothly, cargo maintenance, flight schedule maintenance, boarding and ticket management, and taking care of the budget, including staff pay and management budget and funds.

Airline Pilot Or Copilot

After an aviation degree, you can train as a pilot if you are interested in flying and your medical health approves it. If you have pilot training done, you can work as a commercial or an airline pilot.

Airline Pilot

Being a commercial pilot does not need to have any degree for further education; you just need to be trained as a commercial pilot. A commercial pilot can fly any aircraft ranging from a passenger aircraft to a baggage aircraft or charter flights.

Aviation Mechanic

An aviation mechanic job is also a very paying profession. If you are a supervisor mechanic, you can earn about 35000 dollars or more annually. Being an aviation mechanic means that you have to keep looking at the aircraft's maintenance and ensure that it is a good working position. An aviation mechanic ensures the safety of an aircraft. He repairs, changes, and constructs the parts of an aircraft.

Aviation Mechanic

Air traffic controller has a variety of tasks like controlling aircraft in the air and on the runways. He keeps check of the takeoff and landing. He is always in communication with the aircraft pilot, and he directs the whole crew during an emergency. For being an air traffic controller, you need to be highly active, responsible, and a quick decision-maker.

 Being an air traffic controller means that hundreds of lives within the aircraft are responsible are dependent on you. If you guide the pilot towards the right way, you can ensure their safe landing at their right destination.

Aviation Management

Aviation management is a vast field. It has diversity in it, like technology as well as geographical requirements. Navigation managers navigate changes in the whole airport system ranging from the changes in and airport to air traffic management. For being an aviation manager, you must have excellent management and technical skills.

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