Best Aviation Headset Reviews in 2021 – Noise Cancelling

A pilot needs his accessories and tools the most in the cockpit. The aviation headset is one of them. The headsets used for aviation by the pilots are one of the most important and the best of those tools and accessories. Be it for communication or for blocking out the disturbances in the aircraft, headsets help in making their jobs easier.

Just like any other equipment, there are numerous types and kinds of aviation headsets available on the market. There are various models of some very popular brands in the market, that pilots usually prefer. If you're someone who is flying, it is essential to have the best aviation headset for the work.

As there are a plethora of choices available, choosing the right one can be exhausting and confusing. You will find that the brands promote the most contemporary model they bring in. As a result, it leads to an increase in confusion while choosing and getting the right aviation headset.


Airplanes operate and fly with loud volume and low frequencies for long intervals of time, quite regularly. Additionally, the airplane engines generally have a volume of around 120-130 dB. For humans, the maximum sound they can listen to is 90dB. Hence the pilots have a considerable risk of hearing loss without the aviation headsets and due to this, noise reduction PNR in a headset is necessary.

The main key point for choosing the headsets is to reduce the planes' loud sound successfully. They should also be of high quality and be comfortable enough for the pilots. Communication is also an important factor and an aviation headset should facilitate it and not hamper it.

Best Aviation Headset Reviews

In this section, we have reviewed some of the best headsets for pilots on the market. Most of these have features like active noise reduction and dual volume controls. The great quality aviation headset will also provide noise canceling.

After going through these, you'll be able to select the most fitting one for you.

1. Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth Dual Plug Cable

Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth Dual Plug Cable

Bose A20 is among the best aviation noise reduction headsets. This headset provides a 30% further dynamic commotion reduction, which is more than any regular ear headset. The Connecting ability of the Bose A20 aviation ear headset supports both wired or wireless connection and audio input.

The headset Bose A20 also provides 30% less clipping power than other customary headsets. The ergonomic control module incorporates an additional sound contribution with radio as well as AUX. It needs prioritizing exchanging and is ideal for committed GPS along with warming frameworks about the traffic.

This headset has a clear sound with a dynamic and the best balance with a great active noise reduction ANR. They have also proven out to be straightforward and easy to use in natural headset activity. That means you can plug them in, turn the headsets on and take off.

Presently, they are available with Bluetooth sound and a corresponding interface. That is for availability with communication and route navigating gadgets and the rugged air headband is comfortable. Adaptable sound control on the priority gives the ability to mute a sound signal while accepting any communication or the blend of the two together.

Key Features

  • Engineered to improvise the flying experience
  • Provides active noise reduction
  • Provides clear sound along with equalization
  • Minimal clamping
  • Dual volume controls
  • Fit comfortably
  • Electric microscope with high performance
  • Wired sound input
  • Convenient 


  • Dual attachment link
  • It helps in having and appreciating a quiet and peaceful flight.
  • Solace for the long stretch
  • Clear sound for communication as well as music
  • Can put a tweak in the flying experience
  • Bluetooth communication and sound interface


  • A low volume of white noise might not get cancelled.
  • The carrying bag is small.

2. Lightspeed Zulu 3 Aviation Headset

Lightspeed Zulu 3 Aviation Headset

The new Zulu 3 molded aviation headset is intended to embrace the bend of the jaw. It diminishes the side strain to get a regular and natural fit for more solace and steadiness. These headsets make 30 to 50 percent more place for both ears than any other ANR ear aviation headsets. That is a critical component of long-haul client comfort.

Zulu 3 is furnished with new links that are worked around a Kevlar center. These are more grounded, lighter, and adaptable than regular cables. The sturdier links supplement the other materials utilized in the remaining headset development. This is including the magnesium cups, the tempered steel headband, and sliders.

These Zulu 3 headsets hold a similar Lightspeed ANR that is award-winning and considered the best on the market. It additionally has an elite client movable mic attached to the aviation headset. It acquires change according to the sound and sidetone entirely for all voices.

Key Features

  • A taller head cushion alternative guarantees the most incredible comfort and execution on more modest head sizes and shapes.
  • Sponsored by the best-in-the-industry guarantee of 7 years from Lightspeed.
  • Auto-shutoff features save battery.
  • Clarity of calls, music, and communication


  • Wired and wireless connecting ability
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Foam windscreen 
  • It comes in a protective case


  • Expensive

3. Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset

Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset

The Lightspeed Sierra ANR headset is considered amongst the most user-friendly pilot ANR headsets in the market. It provides the comfort that is needed while flying. It also contributes to providing a peaceful flying experience. It also adds value to your expectation from an active noise reduction headset.

The ANR headset is very comfortable and easy to use for the student pilots as well. The best in-ear support is provided by the plush and cushiony ear seals. Also, the sturdy fiber that is that constitutes reinforced polymer makes it durable.

The best part is that this aviation headset is decently priced but doesn't compromise in terms of quality. You get dual volume controls and even get critical call alerts. This adds to the safety measure which is necessary for student pilots. Additionally, it serves you with the first in-flight cockpit recording mechanism.

Key features

  • Comfortable
  • Noise-canceling
  • Best quality
  • Better sound quality
  • Top of the line ANR headset


  • Comfortable for longer flights
  • Best in-ear sound
  • Warranty provided
  • Clear audio and communication


  • Unclear calling sound
  • Expensive
  • The user can also hear muffles sound

4. Rugged Air RA200 General Aviation Pilot Headset

Rugged Air RA200 General Aviation Pilot Headset

These headsets provide precise and reliable correspondence between the team, travelers, mentors, and instructors. ATC is generally essential to your flight, and Rugged Air's RA200 conveys only that.

The RA200 has clear sound execution speakers of 50mm with an accentuation on the most fundamental headset elements. An EM56 audio reflection cup amplifier is encompassed by a foam block mic muff and gold plated plugs. These no-ornament highlights offer little interruption permitting understudy pilots to zero in on the current trip. Foam wind block fits ears and profound pocket ear channels. This gives throughout the day comfort, making it an incredible choice, especially for back-up or traveler headsets. The tempered steel headband is constructed to be marginally twisted when the headset fits too closely. This can help calm pressure and relieve the tension.

Key Features

  • Incorporates a comfortable Bag for the headsets
  • Hearing Protection of 24dB NRR
  • Flex Boom
  • Noise and sound reflective mic
  • Comforting Ear Seals with foam fitting
  • Foam Mic Muff with wind block
  • Movable headband made of Stainless Steel
  • General 3.5mm Port for music


  • Easy to use
  • Easy volume controls
  • It keeps the volume higher than the music.
  • Foam fit ear muffs
  • Provides all-day comfort
  • Great for a back-up headset as well


  • No dual volume controls
  • Repairs can be expensive.

5. KORE AVIATION KA-1 Premium Gel Ear Seal PNR Pilot Aviation Headset

KORE AVIATION KA-1 Premium Gel Ear Seal PNR Pilot Aviation Headset

KORE AVIATION's KA-1 is the ideal headset for all travellers, pilots, educators, understudy pilots, and flight schools, as well as others. It gives the greatest solace to super delicate gel ear muffs. It also provides a clear and stable noise reduction that is recommendable.

Its sturdiness works to last and has a sense of extravagance as well. You can have this with best materials at the best worth cost. It is planned, designed, and made by the great pilots and headset specialists with more than 30 years of involvement and experience.

KORE AVIATION ensures quality with a long-term Manufacturer's Warranty adjusted in Pilot Care Centers.

Key Features

  • Stereo and mono support
  • Y-block Switch, built-in on Cable
  • 24dB Noise reduction rating for Hearing Protection
  • Comfortable Gel Earmuffs with flexible Boom Mic
  • Double Volume Control on Each Ear seal
  • 3.5mm Plug for hearing music with any device
  • Carrying Case Included for free


  • Protection case included
  • Lightweight
  • Fits comfortably
  • Durable
  • Cost-friendly
  • Best for beginners


  • Headset mic will not work in calls

6. David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset

David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset

David Clark H10-13.4 headsets are accompanied with double foam super soft head cushions and are amongst the best aviation headsets for pilots. They also come with a fresh comfort gel with undercut ear muffs and seals for comfort while wearing and flying.

There is also a general flex boom for excellent receiver arrangement. This helps in undisturbed communication at all times. The selective M-7A provides an exceptional noise dropping and cancellation mouthpiece that is accessible at all times.

This ear headset comes with a low-profile handle of volume control with detent settings as well. Lastly, these ear headsets have a guarantee of 5 years with them and have a commendable battery life.

Key Features

  • Comfortable for long flights
  • Mic boom rotates to 270 degrees
  • Clear sound and communication
  • Successful removal of background noises
  • Built for comfort


  • Budget-friendly
  • No side pressures
  • 5-year warranty
  • Highly recommended for beginners as well as experts
  • It lasts for decades with no repairs
  • Good sound quality


  • Plastic ear pads
  • Ears can get sweaty
  • The fabric might degrade the quality of noise reduction

7. David Clark Hybrid Electronic Noise-Canceling Aviation Headset - DC PRO-X2

David Clark Hybrid Electronic Noise-Canceling Aviation Headset - DC PRO-X2

The David Clark headset is one of the best pilot headsets on the market, and you can use them in quiet cockpits. Also, you get an enhanced hybrid electronic noise cancellation. They operate on AA batteries, and you get two included in the package itself. This David Clark headset is made of high-end leather and gets supported by a light magnesium alloy suspension.

These high-quality noise-cancelling headsets are built with superior technology and support wireless Bluetooth connections. Your job as a pilot becomes smoother as Digital Signal Processing facilitates excellent communications which is great for student pilots. They won’t be too heavy on your ears with the 1.9-pound weight, and you can also listen to music.

These also become the best headsets for student pilots due to the dual voice coil earphones. Hence, that will ensure a fail-proof operation with automatic control for optimum ANR even in high-noise conditions. Additionally, you will get maximum comfort with a head pad and plush and cushiony ear seals.

Key features

  • It features an Oblong dome that gives stability.
  • It is meant for quiet cockpits with noise-canceling technology.
  • Plush leather ear seals.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Come with a DC headset carrying case.


  • Great active noise reduction
  • Long term battery life
  • Comfortable and light ear seals
  • Cushiony double foam head pad
  • Wireless headset 


  • Average design

8. David Clark DC one-X- ENC Headset

David Clark DC one-X- ENC Headset

The David Clark DC one x headset comes with the best noise-canceling rating owing to the M-55 electret microphone. Moreover, you get advanced feedback and feedforward technology that makes them one of the best aviation headsets. You can listen to music with high quality of sound due to Digital Signal Processing.

These Bluetooth pilot headsets run on AA batteries and with great battery life and weigh 12.3 Oz. The rugged air alloy headband is entirely adjustable and lightweight for maximum comfort. Also, you can plug these pilot headsets into any device as they come with seamless integration.

The head pad's fabric in David Clark DC one will absorb heat and keep your head cool even in the most stressful conditions. That indeed makes Clark DC one x the best headset for student pilots. Additionally, the leatherette ear seals will be snug around your ears, and they come with slow recovery foam.

Key Features

  • Compact storage with foldable design.
  • Connect with all aircraft panel configurations for audio.
  • It features a touch key, backlit user interface.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Approved by TSO- C139a.
  • You get a carrying case.
  • Wireless headset.


  • Commendable active noise reduction, ANR
  • The incredible quality of sound to listen to music
  • Industry leaders in customer service
  • Personalized and adjustable ear seals
  • Good noise reduction rating NRR


  • Somewhat pricey.

9. Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset, with 5-pin XLR

Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset, with 5-pin XLR

The Bose ProFlight pilot headsets are wired, and you to wear them in-ear. You can wear them in turbine-powered aircraft that are moderately noisy. The electret noise-canceling mic will reduce background noise and elevate clarity when transmitting sounds.

You can also lower the radio volume as they reduce the ambient noise quite significantly. Additionally, the unique new form factor will ensure you feel comfortable and not weighed down as it only weighs 4.9 Oz. The Active equalization it comes with automatically shapes the incoming signal for better intelligibility.

The tap control system allows for a hands-free and smooth process, and you can devote your hands to other tasks as a pilot. Also, the Bose ProFlight is available in twin plug to support a variety of control panels. For your convenience, even the mic is side swappable and quick release.

Key Features

  • You can use them for PTT systems of the hot mic.
  • Come with a carrying case.
  • 3-levels of active noise canceling system.
  • It comes with Digital ANC that allows you to lower radio volume.
  • Tap control operation.
  • Wired ear aviation headset.


  • Supports multiple plug-in types.
  • It can be used in noisy aircraft with ease.
  • They have certified, high quality.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and trim.
  • Good battery life.


  • Heavy cable.

10. Clarity Aloft Classic Headset

Clarity Aloft Classic Headset

The Clarity Aloft classic headset justifies its name and provides robust noise cancellation and utmost clarity. It's relatively lightweight as it weighs only 1.5 pounds. You won’t even feel it as even the design is very compact.

You can use it in various aviation aircraft, including aerobatic aircraft, ultralights, radial engine planes, and open-cockpit. You can even use it in helicopters and still communicate with clarity, and that makes it one of the best headsets for pilots. It's also quite comfortable and can be worn by you all day long.

The canal tips feature noise reduction, which will protect you against any hearing damage from the aircraft environment. The headband is durable and made of stainless steel, and even the speakers provide you with low foam canal tips. Overall, these are great in terms of sound reproduction and clarity.

Key Features

  • It has a durable and low profile stainless steel headband.
  • Flexible microphone boom.
  • It comes with a semi-rigid nylon carrying case.
  • It does not have any clamping pressure.


  • Crystal clear radio sound.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable.
  • Attractive and distinct design.
  • Affordable price
  • No clamp pressure


  • Look a little flimsy and breakable.

Things to consider

You may think that you are just buying an ear aviation headset, how difficult can it be? However, there are certain things like noise reduction technology that you must consider.


The main factor to think about is how comfortable is the ear headset. The ear headsets have to be worn for quite a long time; hence, make sure they appropriately fit and feel good. Earpads and the headband will hugely affect the solace. Make a point to try and attempt some various models and brands.

Aviation Headset

A few headsets begin to squeeze in your head after wearing them for some time. Please make sure to wear the headset for a minimum of 10 minutes to feel how they fit your head shape and size truly.


A typical alternative for current headsets is Bluetooth capacity. Bunches of gadgets, similar to GPS frameworks and cell phones, can connect with headsets via Bluetooth.

This enables taking out the requirement for additional links in the cockpit. Having Bluetooth usefulness on your headset can be a huge profit and a valid justification to pay some extra.

Noise Reduction

Above all else, set a spending plan and budget for yourself and purchase likewise. ANR headsets can have you spending nearly more than PNR, yet if you have the financial aid for it, ANR could be the best approach. Noise reduction technology is also a must-have feature nowadays.

Besides, you'll need to consider how frequently you will take your headset in use. If you might use it day by day, you may discover ANR headsets as a superior alternative. Since they will fundamentally lessen the commotion you are presented to.

Plugs and Cables

Contingent upon the sort of airplane you will fly, different kinds of headset plugs are required. Helicopters, for instance, utilize other connectors than fixed-wing general aeronautics planes.

Aviation Headset

Production of Airbuses uses another connector, the XLR, which is also used in expert sound recording. Continuously try to check which connectors and links you'll need and purchase the right one.


The heaviness of your headset can be another main thing to consider. PNR headsets are more affordable.

However, they are generally heavier since the earcups have commotion reducing foam. Once more, make a point to wear a couple of headsets to see which feels the most agreeable.

What Makes The Best Pilot Headset?

The job of an aviation officer is just as difficult as you can imagine! So, the best aviation headsets should ease their job and not complicate it further. There are certain qualities that the best aviation ANR headsets for pilots must-have. Read on, as we take you through them.

There is no “one headset fits all," and you must choose the most compatible one for you, as per your requirements. You need to keep specifications such as noise reduction, aircraft cockpits, compatibility, and budget in mind. Overall, we recommend the David Clark DC One-X ENC aviation headsets as they're the best aviation headsets for the money.

However, if your purpose is to work efficiently in a noisy cabin, you can rely on Bose ProFlight headset as it has great ANR. In case your cockpits or aircraft are generally quiet, even the David Clark’s DC Pro-X2 would be good. It would help if you analyzed the aviation headset reviews to arrive at a decision.

Is an Expensive Aviation Headset Worth it?

Well, an expensive aviation headset is worth it, in our opinion. The superior hearing protection it generally offers is off the charts and will ensure smooth communication throughout the journey. Also, you get active noise cancellation, and you can work in peace even in the loudest aircraft.

The job of a pilot requires the utmost attention and care. Hence, by providing seamless integration and 2-way communication, most expensive aviation headsets do just that. You also get a hands free experience.

However, that does not mean that the less expensive noise-canceling headsets don't deliver in terms of quality. It would be best if you chose as per your needs after evaluating the best aviation headsets on the market.


It’s quite natural to have a few questions when you’re going through aviation headset reviews. Hence, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the best aviation headsets to help you out.

1. What headset do airline pilots use?

Airline pilots use a variety of aviation headsets but there certain features that most of them have. They require active noise reduction as the passenger flights are generally quite noisy. The ANR headset allows you to work in silence and keep the communication flowing smoothly between pilots.

The flights are long, and you may want to listen to some music, so the headsets used by them have great sound quality and clarity. Even the battery life, for that matter, should be long-term. The ear seals have leather cushions for comfort, and they have less clamp pressure.

As a result, you’ll find that most airline pilots rely on Bose and David Clark headsets. These are pretty high- end in terms of quality and technology. Even the design is classy and serves them well. They are as great as aviation headsets come.

2. Do pilots buy their own headsets?

While most airlines allow pilots to bring in their preferred aviation headsets, some do have restrictions. You'll find that some airlines strictly want the pilots to use the company headsets. That is because they are checked thoroughly before being used and are naturally more reliable.

It also depends on whether you're a private or a professional pilot. Most professional pilots usually get headphones that are plugged-in and do not require Bluetooth. On the other hand, if you're a private pilot or don't work for airlines, you get more flexibility to pick a headset of your choice.

The best airlines ensure the aviation headsets are comfortable for long flights and the pilots face no discomfort. However, sometimes the ones provided by your airline may not be well suited for long flights. As a result, you may end up with headaches, or you may feel fatigued.

3. Do pilots use noise Cancelling headphones?

Most pilots nowadays rely on ANR headsets, and for a good reason. An active noise cancellation allows them to concentrate even in the busiest and noisiest aircraft. However, earlier only passive noise cancellation was available.

Since the air traffic is heavy and the flights are quite busy, it can hamper your listening experience. That is why the new aviation headsets for pilots with active noise cancellation are now preferable. It eases the journey for you and makes it less stressful to concentrate on the task.

They enhance your communication and hearing ability by reducing the masking effects. The masking effects are a result of the low-frequency spectrum your ears have. Ultimately, this will help in making the journey safer for you.

4. Why are aviation headsets so expensive?

The best aviation headsets will generally burn a hole in your pockets, but they have certain features that determine their high price. You will usually get significant active noise reduction with these headsets, making up for most of the cost. The cushiony and comfortable leather ear seals also don't come cheap!

The high technology and sound quality make sure a smooth communication process takes place. Even the journey will become less taxing for you. Also, since most flight journeys are long and tedious, the more comfortable the headsets are, the better. The technology that goes into better communication and clarity also constitutes the high price.

However, if you wish to work within a budget, there are plenty of options to cater to you. The best headset that is decently priced will also be comfortable and good in quality. Additionally, if you can work with a passive noise reduction, they will pose no problems.

5. Is the Bose a20 aviation headset worth it?

The Bose A20 aviation headset is not for the budget-conscious, but it has great utility and serves its purpose well. They are slightly expensive, but the ANR headsets make sure that they live up in sound quality. After all, you can't expect to get the best aviation headset under $200!

They are highly customizable and have an ergonomic design that makes them suitable for long hours of usage. The ear seals are comfortable and won’t stress your ears as they use less clamping force. Even the design, for that matter, is sleek and fashionable and reflects a pilot's image.

If you can easily afford the headset Bose A20, then we suggest that you go for them. You won’t regret it due to the great user interface and the dedicated GPS and traffic warning systems it offers.

Final Verdict

Picking out the best aviation headset can be tricky, especially considering the wide variety of choices available in the market. In our opinion, quality, comfort, and utility are paramount, and you must make sure that it's given precedence over the look. That is because flight journeys can be tedious, and you must have the maximum possible comfort.

Hopefully, after evaluating our aviation headset reviews, you can select the one that fits all your needs. Happy flying!

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