10 Best Aviation Snips and Tin Snips in 2021 – Reviews

Are you an HVAC technician looking for a good pair of aviation snips? Are you tired of throwing away and re-purchasing snips every now and then? So, why not buy the right pair for once and unburden yourself of all your worries.

By getting a good and comfortable pair, you will get great value in the longer run. You shall also be able to keep your house energy-efficient and cut the sheets exactly right!

Before buying a pair of aviation snips or tin snips, you should be well aware of the cut, blade, hardness, and strength you should choose. These are important, as you don't want it to break down as soon as it cuts halfway.

Check out this detailed guide to find yourself the best aviation snips and tin snips in 2021! So, find some of the top picks that are currently available in the market.

Best Aviation Snips and Tin Snips

Check out these top 10 aviation snips and tin snips in the market.

1. Midwest Aviation Snip Set

Midwest Aviation Snip Set

Being ranked number one in the niche of snip sets, Midwest comes in two offset models- left and right, offering you a great deal of flawless cutting propensity. As it's available in a pair of both left and right models, it eliminates the need for a competent pair, and it throws light over the utility of this snip set- i.e., it's tailor-made for professionals.

It's forged out of molybdenum alloy and is austemper-heat treated that confer paramount strength and durability to the same. Another glamorous feature of this snip is its handles. Being comfy-gripped, Midwest Aviation Snip ensures efficient transmutation of hand-power to cutting-power.

Being supplemented with indented ribs, Midwest Aviation Snip keeps a check on slipperiness and enhances productivity. You might've heard of the term 'labored ease.' Midwest Aviation Snip is the perfect example of the same. You'll be able to cut metal sheets as if you're cutting cardboard- with labored ease.


  • It comes in a set of both left and right models
  • Strong and durable
  • Comfy grips
  • Checks slippage
  • Easy cutting


  • Tailor-made for professionals- might be too heavy for beginners and intermediates
  • Requires considerable hand-size for getting the desired outcome
  • Bulky
  • Comparatively expensive

2. Craftsman Aviation Snip- Straight cut

Craftsman Aviation Snip- Straight cut

Coming to Craftsman Aviation Snip, the first feature that I’d like to bring up is its utility and strength. Offering you a precise straight cut, this snip can flawlessly and explicitly cut up to 1.2mm cold-rolled steel or 0.7mm stainless steel.

The most attractive feature of Craftsman is its unparalleled ease of use. The tool is supplemented by a spring-assisted latch that works wonders. Also, its induction-hardened cutting edge makes it strong and inordinately durable.

Tired of using a school of rulers for a precise cut? Well, sometimes we'll end up cutting in the wrong dimensions even if we use a hundred tapes and rulers. What's the result? A bunch of sheets gets wasted. Here, the Craftsman Aviation Snip ensures you a precise cut with its accurate ¼ inch blade markings. No more losses!

Finally, this snip is highly venerated for its full lifetime warranty. Highly alluring. Isn’t it? Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of Craftsman.


  • Mind-boggling strength
  • Spring-assisted latch ensuring ease of use
  • Durable
  • ¼ inch blade markings 
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The straight cut is only available

3. Crescent Wiss- Left Cut

Crescent Wiss- Left Cut

Crescent Wiss is venerated for its molybdenum blades that ensure quality-optimized performance supplemented by CNC ground edges that ensures better durability and finer strength and precision.

Crescent Wiss possesses serrations that evenly spread the applied force across jaws ensuring ease of use complemented by reduced labor.

Rips and rents are the most common by-products of any cutting activities. How much ever you try ensuring a perfect cut, rips, and rents will show up as a result of your cutting. As far as Crescent Wiss is concerned, precisely designed blades ward off tears at the end of the cuts, prune foldings, and burrs of a cutting exercise.

In addition to that, the pivot bolt is devised in a free-float design that ensures durability and the long-life of the product. Supplemented by a sophisticated spring-action, Crescent Wiss offers you a faster feed, making single-handed cutting processes easier than ever.


  • Easy single-handed use
  • Serrations that equally spread the applied force
  • Molybdenum blades that prevent rips and rents, foldings, and burrs of a cutting activity
  • Longer life ensured by free-float pivot belt
  • Spring action ensuring faster feed


  • Fragile center of the handle- vulnerable to damage
  • The bending part is weak and is vulnerable to fractures
  • Use of force above a permissible limit can defile the product
  • The right cut and the center cut has to be purchased separately

4. Amazon Basics Straight Cut Aviation Snip

Amazon Basics Straight Cut Aviation Snip

Venerated for its high leverage design that aids in ease of use, Amazon Basics Straight cut Aviation Snip comes with a sophisticated saw-toothed blade technique. This saw-toothed edge blade technology, for which Amazon Basics is popular, can cut up to 1.2 mm steel and 0.7 mm stainless steel.

The snip is made of premium chrome vanadium steel that makes it one of the best of its kind. Coming to your disposal after high-frequency heat treatment, you can expect better durability and a finer strength from the same.

You needn’t worry about imperfect cuts or accidental slips anymore. The performance of Amazon Basics Straight Cut Aviation Snip is amplified with the presence of a rubber grip that ensures precise cuts. One-handed auto release also adds to the glory of Amazon Basics Straight Cut Aviation Snip

You close your pen after use. Why? It's simply because you cannot afford to damage the nib that is the prime portion of the pen. Similarly, blades are the cardinal part of an aviation simp, and you're supposed to protect them to ensure better durability. The Amazon Basics Straight Cut Aviation Snip offers you latch locks that padlocks the snip when not in action.


  • User-friendly design
  • Blades with saw-toothed edges
  • Performance-optimized design
  • Rubberized grips
  • Blade covers
  • Limited warranty for a year


  • The right cut and the left cut models have to be purchased separately
  • Not suitable for heavy applications

5. Craftsman Aviation Snip- Left cut

Craftsman Aviation Snip- Left cut

The left-cut model of Craftsman Aviation Snip is celebrated for its trailblazing performance that can cut up to 1.2 mm cold-rolled steel or 0.7 mm stainless steel. In addition to that, the snip is known for its sophisticated latch complemented by a powerful spring technique ensuring user-friendliness and conveniently gripped operability.

Moreover, the left-cut model of the Craftsman Aviation Snip is revered for its comparative toughness and heavy-duty capacity, attributed to its refined cutting edge hardened by the process of induction. Also, the quarter-inch markings ensure perfect, quality optimized, and measurement-oriented cutting exercises.

It is noteworthy that the left-cut model of the Craftsman Aviation Snip is backed by a full lifetime warranty per se.


  • Stunning strength and durability
  • Quality optimized performance
  • Quarter-inch blade markings ensuring precise cuts
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • The Left cut is available in a standalone manner that necessitates the purchase of Right-cut and Centre-cut modules separately.

6. Stanley Fatmax Aviation snip

Stanley Fatmax Aviation snip

Searching for the best aviation snip? STANLEY FatMax Straight Cut Aviation Snip is here for you. It is the ideal tool for cutting vinyl siding, screening, aluminum, cardboard, leather, and copper. The snip's serrated cutting edges stop things from slipping during use, and the slip-resistant, bi-material cushion grip confirms a firm, comfortable grip during use. It comes with a straight-cut design, and there is also a high-leverage compound cutting design that makes it easy to cut very abrasive materials.

Tin snips cut up to 18 gauge (1.2mm) cold-rolled steel or 23 gauge (0.7mm) stainless-steel. Induction hardened cutting edges stay sharp longer. Best sheet metal snips are made from chrome-molybdenum steel cutting blades which add to the strength and durability.

Serrated cutting blades of best metal snips provide a solid bite and assists in preventing things from slipping during use. Adjustment-free fasteners prevent the loosening of the blade. It has a Slip-resistant bi-material grip for comfort and control. The tool meets or exceeds ANSI standards.


  • Flush hardware helps prevent catching on materials while cutting.
  • You can aviation snip with a single hand
  • All-round performer
  • Compound cutting design for flawless
  • High-performance serrated cutting edges.
  • Bi-material cushion grips that offer comfort.


  • It is the best tool for hard and heavy materials.

7. Finder 12 Aviation Snip

Finder 12 Aviation Snip

This extra-long straight cut aviation snip is used to cut straight, and wide curves to the left and right and can be used in either hand. Choosing the best aviation snip is the most important task. The straight blades allow the hand to be kept safely above the cutting work below.


  • Comparatively safer to use
  • Blades are safe from rust damage


  • Only straight cuts are possible

8. IRWIN Tin Snip

IRWIN Tin Snip

The best tin snips on the market to add to your workshop or garage will depend on how you want to use them and your preference for blade style. Have a look at Irwin tin Snip. If you want to use tin snips on the roof repairs, then this straight-cut tool is worth it. Irwin tin Snip tool cuts up to 24-gauge cold-roll steel and 26-gauge stainless steel.

The snip tool features a flat blade that cuts straight and curves. The drop-forged and hot steel blades provide maximum strength as well as long life to them. It includes a durable spring washer which keeps the blades in place tightly against each other when cutting, making it the best tin Snip on the market.


  • You can easily cut steel and stainless steel.
  • Precision edge is included for a tight grip
  • Spring washers hold the blades for an accurate cut.
  • It consists of forged steel blades for strength.
  • It has a straight blade for straight and curved cuts


  • Thick objects cannot be cut so easily, and they might break if used for thicker objects.
  • You need to sharpen the edges before use, time-consuming.

9. Malco Aviation snip

Malco Aviation snip

Malco's Aviation Snip will actively aid your task of processing specific materials. This tool makes you comfortable and designed in such a way that you can work continuously with ease. You can operate with a single hand, either left or right.

The snip also comes with a narrower grip opening with which you can use easily irrespective of your hand size. Serrations along the lower jaw of this snip enable the whole thing to cut more effectively through sheet metal and other similar materials. It cuts right and straight. Snip consists of offset handles.


  • The narrower grip on the handle.
  • It can be operated with one hand
  • It fits either the left or right hand
  • Serrations present on the blades
  • Maximum cutting life
  • Maximum maneuverability


  • Handle lock has a tendency to spring loose

10. DeWalt Aviation Snip set

DeWalt Aviation Snip set

DeWalt Aviation snip set design allows you smooth access. It has a long life, and this is achieved because of the pivot bolt. There is an internal locking mechanism that also incorporates an auto-release feature. All these make the tools in the aviation snip set easy to use. They are made from forged chrome and molybdenum steel alloy.

It has a blade capable of maintaining a sharp edge for longer. The snip set comes as a set of three tin snips. They are color-coded to make it easier to identify when working. It is easy to use the handle and also non-slip to reduce the chances of an accidental injury in the workplace.

It is also capable of cutting through larger and thicker sheet metal. These appealing features make this set one of the best aviation sets.


  • Set can be easily handled and comfortable to use.
  • Can cut thick metal sheets.
  • Long cutting life.
  • Easy-grip handles.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Color-coded for easy identification.


  • One of the tools in the set always breaks down.

What are aviation snips used for?

Aviation snips which are likewise mentioned as compound-action snips are named this particularly for a reason as initially, these were invented for cutting complex structures needed in aircraft constructions that involved sheet metal which is composed of a variety of distinct kinds of metals such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel as well as other additional metals.

Moreover, these snips frequently get mistaken with tinner snips. Firstly, the aviation snips, as its name implies, are employed in the aviation sector, they are composed to permit further customized cutting. On the contrary, the thinner snips function more like scissors that are utilized for cutting simpler sheet metals.

Generally, the best metal sheet snips are obtainable in three different models. They likewise have grips that often are color-coded to prevent any confusion and to specify the intention of all of them. The various colors and purposes are outlined as follows:

Yellow Colored (Standard) Handled Snips

These are created with the aim to trim the sheet metal into a straight line normally when both of the sides of the material require a maintained level. It is moreover perfect for cutting broader curves and for flat pieces of metal.

Yellow Colored (Standard) Handled Snips

The specific length of the snip's blades will differ between models. However, they are generally around 30mm and even 45mm. Ultimately, they are incredible for softer and lighter metals; however, these are inapt for longer as well as harder metals.

Red Colored (Left) Handled Snips

Secondly, the Red Handled Snips are utilized for cutting the film metal in again, a straight line or further in curves in the direction of the customer's left side, this because of the way snips are developed consisting of a left angle in the blades. When the user cuts, the waste substance curls, and moves on the left side. This creates more ease for the user to discard the waste from one's way.

Red Colored (Left) Handled Snips

Green Colored (Right) Handled Snips

Lastly, is the Green Handled Snips, which are developed with the intention of trimming the sheet metal in a straight line and curves towards the right of the user. Similarly, when the user is cutting, then the waste material curls and moves on the right side and eventually gets discarded.

Green Colored (Right) Handled Snips

What to look for before buying?

When you are looking for the best aviation snips, it is crucial that you must keep in mind the orientation. There are a few aspects you should be wary of before getting an aviation snip. We've listed down some of these points for you.

The Blade Type

There are different kinds of blades that aviation snips have, such as smooth or sharp. Both are utilized for their own individual purposes. An aviation snip with a smooth blade will cut through metals easily with hardly any difficulty and a strong grip.

The sharp blade aviation snip, on the other hand, is used for cutting down elements such as aluminum since they leave a smooth edge mark at the end of each cut. There are aviation snips out there that also allow its user to change the blade if the previous one becomes worn out.

Aviation Snips and Tin snips

So, before you get your hands on one, look at the type of task you have at hand and accordingly buy an aviation snip with the blade you're in need of.


Whether it'd be straight or offset aviation snip, they both come with their pros. If you have a tough steel sheet and need to make a long cut throughout, in that case, there's nothing better than an offset aviation snip. It thrives in that particular situation.


When you are on the lookout for tools or equipment, it is essential to have a reasonable warranty for it. It is possible that you might run into certain problems when working and could cause damage to the tools. Thus, if you have a warranty period, it will become incredibly useful for you, as you could claim your free replacement.

Aviation snips vs. Tin snips

Aviation Snips and Tin Snips look similar, do almost the same work and even share their Surnames, so why are their names different? Surely there is a reason behind this.

Aviation Snips and Tin snips

Aviation Snips and Tin Snips mainly differ in their Levers, Prices, and Applications, which should be kept in mind before spending on them. These attributes play an important role in their working and usage so, you should keep in mind what and where you need them and buy accordingly.


Tin Snips

The Tin Snips work similar to that of how levers work, with one blade pivoting against the other blade, similar to that of a lever structure. Their working can be understood as that of a Scissor, how the blades both come forward and cut through the metal together.

Aviation Snips

The Aviation Snips differ in their structure, they have compound action and are sometimes referred to as Compound Snips. They are handier with metal sheets, and a special feature is their color-coding so that you can use them in two different directions.

They have an extra mechanical linkage which is advantageous and enables them to be more comfortable to use and for longer periods of time plus faster.


Tin Snips

As these are Simple in design and less complicated than Aviation Snips, they are low-priced comparatively. They also last longer than Aviation Snips and are easy to use, but they have considerable weight and are somewhat heavy.

The reason is that they need some weight to be able to match the amount of force produced by Aviation Snips.

Aviation Snips

Aviation Snips are costly as compared to Tin Snips due to their complexity and specialized features. They ask for due maintenance, and if one part breaks down or wears away, then they require a replacement immediately, which adds to the cost.

Ease of Usage

Tin Snips

Tin Snips are like simple levers, and so they require less skill and are easily handled and used. Due to this reason, injuries and strain are less likely to occur, and they are considered safe and have longer durability compared to Aviation Snips.

Aviation Snips

Aviation Snips, on the other hand, are more complicatedly built and require some skill and force to use, which leads to muscle fatigue and strain as well in some cases.


Tin Snips

Tin snips rely more on their length for producing and exerting force. Thus they come in varying shapes and sizes depending upon their usage in different systems.

Aviation Snips

As Aviation Snips have an extra mechanical linkage thus, they use that to exert force, therefore, leading to low variation in size and Shapes.


Tin Snips

Tin Snips are built simply and are used for easy and simple cutting of sheets and shapes comparatively.

Aviation Snips

The Aviation snips are more complex and versatile as well as durable, thus enabling the user to cut more complex shapes like curved lines and circular shapes and hard sheets of different metals like Aluminium and Stainless Steel.


1. How much thick sheet can Tin Snips cut?

A specialized type of Snip, known as the Notch Snip, enables you to cut a 16 gauge cold-rolled sheet of metal and also several sheets of metals approximately measuring 0.062 inches thick (1.6 mm).

2. What Should you avoid doing while using Snips?

Some major points to keep in mind while using snips:

  • Don’t cut sharp or straight curves.
  • Don’t cut thicker sheets than recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t use your foot to exert pressure, use hands only.
  • Don’t try to sharpen the blade, it can be dangerous.

3. What is the significance of color coding in the Aviation Snips?

The significance of color coding is that the snip coded with green color operates in a clockwise direction and the Snip coded in red color runs in a counter-clockwise direction.

Green compound snips are suitable for right-handed people, while Red-colored Snips are more appropriate for left-handed people.

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