10 Best Pilot Flight Bags For Every Type Of Pilots in 2022 – Reviews

Who knows better about flight bags than pilots and flight attendants. If you are looking for something that can hold all the essential gear of the pilot, it has to be a durable and reliable flight bag from a reputable brand. Moreover, it help keeps all your gears easily accessible and organized.

Flight bags are available in different sizes depending on the various factors, including compartments, price, and what type of pilot you are. A quality flight bag will have enough pockets and compartments to keep your essentials secured and sorted. But, how do you find the best flight bags, and where should you start?

To help you research the top flight bags, we have reviewed the best pilot flight bags convenient to carry on your flight. Also, you can find the buyer's guide at the end to reach a well-informed and valuable decision.

So, go through the article carefully to find your best pilot flight bag.

Best Flight Bag For Pilots

Buying a flight bag for pilots can be a tedious task to do on your own. But, this guide is made particularly to help those pilots who urgently require durable airline pilot bags.

Below, you can read the detailed reviews of the ten best flight bags for pilots along with their pros and cons to compare which one suits your style the best.

1. Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag

Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag

One of the best and convenient flight bags, the Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag is exceptionally sturdy, offering enough space to store everything you require. Being lightweight, you can easily carry the bag in one hand.

The interesting quality of the flight bag is its design. The compartments are thoughtfully designed so that the pilot will have access to all the pockets.

The Flight Outfitters Lift Flight bag comes with a separate pocket to keep the water bottle. With fleece-lined headset pockets, you can keep your headset in place. The shoulder strap is adjustable, which enables you to carry the bag about the airport comfortably. Additionally, there are two external pockets and a fuel-tester pockets.

Another interesting thing about this best pilot flight bag is its innovative packing features and high durability. Made with ripstop nylon, it is equipped with a wire handle to add safety and protection.


  • Small and compact design to carry enough essentials
  • Ideal for private and student pilots
  • Highly durable construction
  • Variety of pockets for quick access


  • Difficult to clean

2. Rothco Vintage Canvas Flight Bag

Rothco Vintage Canvas Flight Bag

Do you like the vintage collection? If yes, you will definitely enjoy the vintage-inspired design of this Rothco Vintage Canvas Flight Bag. Made from 14 oz cotton canvas material; the flight bag boasts reliability and long-lasting durability.

The vintage flight bag is equipped with various compartments to keep your essentials organized and accessible. You can use each compartment for multiple purposes as per your requirements. There is a main compartment with a large zipper, a front pocket with engraved lettering, and small loop and hook side pockets.

In terms of comfort, the flight bag has padded and adjustable shoulder straps that let you carry the bag comfortably. Moreover, it has a top carrying handle if you want to carry the bag with your hands.


  • Good size with plenty of room
  • Three main compartments with metal closure
  • Can handle the extra weight easily
  • Soft and durable fabric construction


  • Narrow shoulder strap

3. Flight Outfitters Lift XL Pro Flight Bag

Flight Outfitters Lift XL Pro Flight Bag

Flight Outfitters has been manufacturing stylish and flight functional gears, apparel, and bags after years of development in the bag. The Flight Outfitters Lift XL Pro Flight Bag is best for cockpits with its sharp and stylish design considering the pilots' requirements.

This is specially designed for professional pilots looking for an all-black, understated appearance and design. The Lift XL Pro offers more room than its smaller version we reviewed before. Instead of one headset, it includes two headsets and more compartment options.

In addition, the flight bag is equipped with four elastic battery holders to keep extra headset batteries with you. There is a large center pocket to store your tablet. Also, there is a separate pocket for laptops, which are 15 inches or larger in size. The back pocket is further divided into small six pockets to organize your cords.

To carry the flight, you have a steel-reinforced handle and padded shoulder strap. You can also remove the shoulder strap whenever you want.


  • Can store sensitive documents in interior pockets
  • Removable, padded, and adjustable shoulder strap
  • More storage space and organization options
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • Can be large for some pilots

4. BrightLine Bags Unisex- Adult Flex B7 Flight Echo Bag

BrightLine Bags Unisex- Adult Flex B7 Flight Echo Bag

The pilots have to keep changing the flight according to the demand. Sometimes, they are flying a private plane, or other times, they are flying a commercial aircraft. Similarly, the demand for the right size of bag increases, you cannot purchase and carry different size bags. Among BrightLine bags, the B7 Flight Echo Bag makes a great option due to its modular design.

Being a customizable bag, the flex B7 flight Echo bag does not come with compartments. However, it is built from different small and large compartments. The best part is that you can attach or remove the compartments as you want. You can easily make it large or small as per the flight requirement.

The BrightLine bags can fit two full headsets, a water bottle, two iPads, and other smaller items. Most of the best flight bags don't come with an exterior pocket for a water bottle, but this flex B7 flight pilot bag lets you easily access the water bottle while keeping it away from ruining documents or electronics.


  • Customizable bag with attachable and removable pockets
  • Exceptionally sturdy construction
  • Can change the size from large to small easily
  • Ideal for student and private pilots


  • Slightly expensive

5. Alpine Swiss Rolling 17" Laptop Briefcase

Alpine Swiss Rolling 17" Laptop Briefcase

With a formal and professional design, the Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop briefcase is an excellent option for a professional pilot. Due to the horizontal shape, it has more of a briefcase look rather than a bag or suitcase. Being useful, sturdy, and sophisticated, this pilot briefcase makes a great option as traveling office bag.

The laptop briefcase boasts a telescopic rolling handle, which enables ease of maneuverability in three positions. Moreover, you can use the top handle to carry the briefcase. The in-line skate wheels are smooth, making it easy to transport the briefcase.

The airport pilot flight case comes with three zippered pocket compartments with enough space for storage. You have room enough to hold large folders, clothes, and heavier devices in the rearmost compartment. There is also a padded laptop and padded iPad pocket. Additionally, there are several smaller pockets to store smaller items such as keys, business cards, pen drives, or pen.

Made with ballistic nylon, the flight bag doesn't wear or scratch, which makes it highly durable. Also, the nylon material is lighter in comparison to leather flight bags.


  • Ideal flight bag for private pilots
  • Made with exceptionally durable ballistic nylon material
  • Lightweight to carry
  • TSA approved carry on size for all pilots


  • No shoulder strap to carry the bag
  • No durable wheels

6. ASA AirClassics Flight Bag

ASA AirClassics Flight Bag

If you are looking for flight bags for pilots that are affordable yet efficient and durable, you should look out for AirCLassics Flight Bag. Being the most affordable bag, it makes one of the best options for a student pilot.

Made with 600D polyester, the AirClassic bag features durable, tough, and high-quality design and overall construction. Moreover, the bag is equipped with spacious compartments, which is enough to hold many books. The exterior compartment is spacious enough to fit the iPad, radio, and headset.

The flight bag features two options to carry, one is a detachable strap, and the other is convenient handles. You can choose whatever option you find the most comfortable. Another unique feature of this flight bag is the adjustable dividers inside the central pocket. On top of it, you can store smaller items in the front pocket, such as fuel testers or flashlights.


  • Adjustable dividers
  • One of the ideal flight bags for student
  • Front pocket to store fuel tester and flashlight
  • Spacious and large main compartment


  • Smaller side pockets to store the headset

7. Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Bag

 Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Bag

If airline pilot bags can boast courtesy and elegance with minimal design, it has to be flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Bags. With convenient height and sufficient storage space, this best pilot luggage offers more value than any heavy pilot suitcase.

Being compact and lightweight in design, it does not consume much space around you. Thus, you can relax while carrying the flight bag as you travel.

Rain is the biggest enemy of flight bags. If it is damped, it can produce odor, which can result in molds. Also, your electronic items such as iPads, cameras, or phones can be damaged. That's why this bag is designed with water-resistant properties, which will protect your bag and items inside from water.


  • Ideal size for student pilot bag with dimensions 11 x 20 x 12 inches
  • Made from canvas with leather accents
  • Water-resistant flight bag
  • Lightweight with 3.59 pounds
  • Features front organizer pocket and two padded headset pockets


  • Available in only one color

8. Lightspeed Aviation - The Gann, Leather Flight Bag

Lightspeed Aviation - The Gann, Leather Flight Bag

The airline pilot flight bags should be a convenient option for student pilots or private pilots to carry all their essentials easily. Furthermore, the design should be classy and modern enough to induce a life of its own in the flight bag. That's where Lightspeed aviation the Gann is one of the classic pieces from Lightspeed Aviation.

Cabin-friendly but spacious, the bag is designed in carpenter style to become the permanent travel companion of pilots. The handmade leather flight bag is made from full grain oiled South American cowhide. The bag also features espresso brown color and contrasting black leather pocket flaps to form a unique pattern.

With several compartments and pockets, it offers enough space to store your essentials. The main compartment comes with an iPad pocket. You should always store the smaller items in the front pocket and charts & documents in the back pocket. Also, there is a transceiver pocket with an antenna for more storage space.

Apart from that, there are two exterior pockets that are super handy to store important items. Also, the padded dividers within the main compartment allow you to keep your essentials organized.


  • Main compartment has a separate iPad pocket
  • Lightspeed aviation the Gann comes with a luggage strap in the back
  • Multiple pockets and internal dividers
  • Backed with one year warranty


  • No compartment for laptop

9. Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Folio Briefcase Bag

Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Folio Briefcase Bag

Another one of the top pilot flight bags from Flight Outfitters is the Bush Pilot Folio Briefcase bag. This is the best flight bag for those private or student pilots searching for multi-purpose flight bags. Whether you need to fit your tablet or iPad, it will protect the screen from any outside impact.

It has leather accents and is built from canvas to deliver a stylish and timeless appeal. With dedicated pockets for tablets and iPads, you can fit any tablet 10.5 inches wide and Laptop 15 inches wide. Thanks to the padded material, buckles, and sturdy fixtures, your electronics items will remain protected.

These are the best investment for student pilots as they will last for a long time during their educational and professional years. With so many exterior pockets, you can easily store the fuel tester, radio, and flashlight. The interior is also spacious as it is equipped with a side pocket, zip pocket, organizer section, and padded laptop sleeve.

In addition, the flight bag comes with a shoulder strap, which lets you transform the briefcase into an aviation backpack. You can also mount the flight bag on the suitcase while traveling with several bags.


  • Abrasion and water-resistant
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Enough space to store essential and personal items
  • Timeless design with canvas and leather material


  • Cannot fit laptops with more than 15.6 inch wide

10. Lightspeed Aviation - The Markham, Leather Flight Bag

Lightspeed Aviation - The Markham, Leather Flight Bag

Measuring 15 x 12 x 5 inches, the Lightspeed Aviation the Markham is compact in size. Don't get discouraged by the small size as it has more storage space than you can imagine. From the classic design and color, you will appreciate the timeless beauty of the airline flight bags from Lightspeed Aviation.

Made with South American Cowhide, the leather flight bag is exceptionally durable and functional for a long time. With multiple pockets for organization, your essentials will always remain with you all the time.

It features a spacious main compartment along with side pockets to store a water bottle. Also, there is an external iPad, transceiver pocket and side pocket. You can keep the headphone in the main compartment along with other items.


  • Comes with several functional pockets and compartments
  • Comfortable and convenient size to carry
  • Leather flight bag comes with long-lasting durability
  • LightSpeed Aviation The Markham is backed with one year warranty


  • No other color or design option available

How To Select The Best Flight Bags For Pilots?

While considering the options for the best flight bags, you need to compare other bags and make sure that your selected flight bag will store all your essential gears.

Therefore, when you are looking for flight bags for student pilots or private pilots, you need to consider a few crucial factors before jumping on to the conclusion.


The airline flight bags come in various designs and styles. Some of the options include the best pilot luggage, backpack, or other flight bags using adjustable shoulder straps.

Flight Bags For Pilots

Several other bags come with a convenient handle to carry the bag, which lets you grab the bag when you are in a hurry instantly. Therefore, the decision depends on your personal requirements and convenience over which style suits you the best.

Weight and Size

Size is the most crucial factor while considering flight bags. Why? The flight bag's size will define how spacious it is to hold all your essential gears. That is why you must think about what belongings you need to carry with you in the bag.

If you would like to carry a laptop, you should look for one with separate and dedicated laptop compartments. Most student pilots need quite a space to store their bulky books and notebooks. Therefore, you need to figure out the number of compartments required to store all the stuff.


After size and style, you need to consider the material for your flight bags. These are constructed with different materials that have a different impact on the protective features of the bag. The hard case flight bags offer exceptional protection to the essentials stored inside the bag. Such flight bags are generally used by commercial pilots and come as wheeled trolleys.

Another common material is polyester or ballistic nylon. The materials offer sufficient protection and are less expensive than a traditional hard case. The denier is used to measure the fabric's fineness. Usually, the fabric is more robust when the denier is higher. For ballistic nylon, it should be between 1800-2500, and for polyester, it should be at least 600 to 1800 denier.

Lastly, you cannot miss a leather flight bag. Mostly, they are heavier and expensive but stylish and extremely durable at the same time.


Compartments are the decision-maker for flight bags. When your flight bag has multiple pockets, it enables you to organize your gear for ease of accessibility. All the above-reviewed bags come with multiple compartments to store headset, fuel tester, flashlight, high visibility vest, and many more gears.

Some bags come with side pockets and exterior pockets to carry items that you might frequently need during the flight or traveling. There are also individual pockets to keep your iPads and laptops.


Just like any other purchase, you need to take care of the budget before selecting any one of the above-mentioned bags. The best flight bags for pilots are available at different price tags depending on the material, size, and compartments.

Keep clear of your budget and look for a bag that is affordable yet satisfies all the necessary requirements.

What Are The Pilot Flight Bag Essentials?

Why do pilots need so many compartments? If you ask a student pilot or private pilot, you can understand the usability and the importance of multiple compartments in the bag.

Now, you have an idea of how crucial it is to have all your gears within your reach during the flight. Let's see what are the essential items a pilot needs during the flight to carry in the bag.

Medical and Pilot certificate

This is crucial as you won't be allowed to fly without photo identification and a pilot certificate. Some Pilots also carry a medical certificate. Make sure that all the items are accessible in the bag.

Kneeboard, Paper, and Pen

This might sound old-fashioned to you, but it is necessary to have paper and pen to jot down essential frequencies and instructions. The Kneeboard allows you to keep your paper and pen accessible.

What Are The Pilot Flight Bag Essential

In addition to a notebook and pen, Kneeboard can also hold the iPad.

Headlamp or Flashlight

Another crucial essential is the headlamp or flashlight. You might need to inspect the cockpit during the night, so the gears will conveniently let you perform your inspection.

Fuel Testers

Every pilot performs pre-flight checks and inspects the fuel status for contaminants and water. So, it is best if you carry a fuel tester along with a mounted screwdriver in your bag. Some fuel testers are compact in size and won't take extra space in the bag.


You need an aviation headset to cancel out the surrounding noise. However, some pilots also use earplugs along with a headset for additional hearing protection. Make sure you carry extra batteries during emergencies.

Spare Handheld Radio

There are situations when your radio might go out of range, so a handheld radio is a great backup option. Therefore, you should always carry a spare radio to avoid getting stuck in zero communication situations during an emergency.

What Are The Pilot Flight Bag Essentials


Pilots require to wear sunglasses to protect themselves from harmful UV rays and bright sunlight. Thus, non-polarized sunglasses offer high visibility through the windscreen.

Other Survival Gear & Tools

Apart from the above-mentioned tool, every pilot should carry some other essential survival gear for safety. You should keep a pocket knife and some microfiber towels in your bag.

You should also carry some typical items like a first-aid kit or compass with you. While flying at high altitudes, a pulse oximeter is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What bags do pilots use?

Pilots generally prefer bags from reputable brands such as flight Outfitters, Brightline, and Lightspeed Aviation. These brands are quite popular among pilots as they are trustworthy and manufacturing bags for quite some time. Moreover, the bags boasts high-quality performance and durability.

2. What is inside a pilot bag?

Inside a pilot bag, you will find various small and large compartments to carry different essential items. Some of which include documents, headsets, flashlights, logbook, travel kits, medicine, and other optics for comfortable travel. The items are not limited; pilots can add more things as per their requirements.

3. Are commercial pilot's bags/ suitcases have to be black?

Black is a classic color that does not show any wear and damage. It is the most common flight bag or suitcase color. Furthermore, it adds a professional look to the whole crew, and it is important to maintain a code of decency and professionalism in the airlines. That's why most companies sell flight bag or suitcase in black color.

4. Do cargo airline pilots and their bags have to go through security?

Like any other traveler, cargo airline pilots and their bags have to go through security. Most airports have separate security checks for flight attendants and staff. Instead of a boarding pass, they have a unique security pass for identification purposes. It is essential so that no other person could take advantage of boarding the flight and risking people's life.

5. Why do all pilots carry the same type of bag?

While wandering around the airport, you must have seen pilots and flight attendants carrying a black bag on wheels. This is the flight crew navigation bag. You will always find them with this bag, even during the layovers. It contains all their essential items for the flight, and the same type of bag is unique to the airlines.

Final Thoughts

For pilots who need to move their luggage within an ever-demanding environment, we must provide them with the choices that prove beneficial to them. The flight bag shouldn't only be stylish and practical but also durable as it's a long-term investment.

With this buying guide, you must have understood what factors you should consider while buying a bag and what items you can store inside the flight bag. Additionally, the detailed reviews might have helped you to find your desired bag equipped with all the necessary features.

Our works end here, and it's time for you to buy the one that can store enough of your essentials without any issues.

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