10 Best Pilot Kneeboards to Organize Your Cockpit in 2021

Kneeboard is considered one of the most fundamental accessories for most pilots in the world. It is usually made from plastic, metal, or cloth used to hold objects during the flight and has clips and mounts.

The design, material, and dimensions of each kneeboard vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some are smaller in size, and some are bigger, but if we consider an average, then it is about 5 to 6 inches in width and 8 to 11 inches in width.

The design also varies as some of them have clips while others have straps. Let’s look into some Pilot kneeboard reviews and find a perfect one.

The Best Pilot Kneeboards of 2021

At the time of flight, pilots have to take care of lots of things. At that time, it gets worse when you have to take care of your iPad and other things. At the same time, the flight kneeboard comes to the rescue.

It can store many things like key chains, notes, maps, pads, mobile phones, and other flight-relevant data without messing around in the cockpit. It is tied at the thigh region, and you can arrange everything in it easily. It is a life savior for pilots.

While purchasing a flying kneeboard, you will get lots of choices. Trust me; you will all be confused about which one to choose. Well, don't worry. Here in this blog, we will walk you through the ten best flight kneeboards for pilots. This piece will help you to make your decision.

Styles of Pilot Kneeboards

If you go out looking for pilot kneeboard reviews, you will mainly find two main categories of kneeboards. One is the standard kneeboard, and the other is mostly used to hold pads and tablets of different sizes.

Standard Kneeboards

If you are a pilot who mainly uses charts and doesn't use the electronic flight bag (EFB), then a standard kneeboard is a perfect choice for you. This product has a Velcro strap that is tied around the thigh. It usually consists of a fabric sleeve that is safely secured to the thigh part.

If you go for a little bit of costlier ones, you will get extra pockets and flaps for storage.

Pilot Kneeboards

Kneeboards for Electronic Devices

If you look into a modern cockpit, you will find out that it is filled with electronics. During the flight, managing and holding it isn't easy.

Manufacturers have designed kneeboards to hold pads, tablets, or even the phone to solve this problem. Well, there are two categories in it. The first one is made for specific devices, and the second one is adjustable to any size range.

The Ten Best Pilot Kneeboards

1. ASA Visual Flight (VFR) Kneeboard ASA-KB-1

ASA Visual Flight (VFR) Kneeboard ASA-KB-1

The reliable rubbed aluminum VFR Kneeboard is a tremendous way to govern your aviation data. It gives a rugged ground for inflight note-taking as adequately as timely entry to crucial VFR evidence in the form of a durable placard. This modern edition has revised proof to reflect contemporary cockpit desires and encompassing the VFR ceiling.

It also looks into visibility, and cloud approval, VFR cruising lengths, and information regularities. Pilot climate report progression, light gun warning key, and a crosswind ingredient graph are also considered.


  • It hugs the leg without binding and is pretty comfortable.
  • There are Velcro fasteners that secure the device.
  • You can also find a handy pencil/pen holder.
  • The 4 3/4-inch metal clip is powerful and easy to lift.
  • It is cost-effective. 


  • The edges of this kneeboard are very sharp.
  • Some users also report poor quality. 

2. MyClip Kneeboard

MyClip Kneeboard

The Myclip is a standard kneeboard cliff for smartphones and tablets from 3" to 12" with an utmost depth of 0.43". It will clinch an iPhone in landscape mode up to an iPad in portrait method.

Initially constructed for Apple equipment, it will also specialize with all additional smartphones or tablets from different categories matching the size range. Clips slide along a flexible belt and can be sized down and up.

This flexibility enables a simple shift between illustration and landscape mode and empowers the MyClip to be utilized on several tablets.

Ensured to the leg, users do not retain the concern of their costly tablet dropping to the floorboards or getting in the way of custody. Small, compact, portable - it is made for flying!


  • Its leg straps are very comfortable.
  • It can fit a huge variety of tablets.
  • It is suitable for VFR or IFR flights.
  • The kneeboard is relatively easy to use.
  • MyClip Kneeboard has a superb grip. 


  • The plastic elements feel somewhat cheap.
  • You need to keep readjusting the straps.
  • It is a tad costlier than competing products. 

3. Flyboys F-16 Viper IFR/VFR Pilot Kneeboard

Flyboys F-16 Viper IFR/VFR Pilot Kneeboard

A GREAT kneeboard for pilots exhibiting seven eyelets for guaranteeing directories, plastic inventory pages, or your in-flight chart - (every root has different spacing, so this board helps AWESOME wherever you are! Fighting tested in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom throughout US airpower regulations.

Not to remark thousands of hours of everyday high-g training sorties - stacked with low-level graphs, line-up tickets, assault tokens, target pictures. These kneeboards exist so helpful that you will need one for each leg!


  • This kneeboard is available only in multiple colors.
  • There are extra slots for storing pens and pencils.
  • It has a clear strap for easy viewing.
  • You can use it for IFR and VFR flying.
  • The package includes a flexible and removable clipboard. 


  • The kneeboard might seem to be small for some users.
  • The pen slots are a bit too tight. 

4. ASA New VFR Kneeboard ASA-KB-1-A

ASA New VFR Kneeboard ASA-KB-1-A

The reliable stroked aluminum VFR Kneeboard is a tremendous means to regulate your flight data. It gives a rugged ground for inflight note-taking as nicely as immediate entry to significant VFR evidence in the aspect of a durable placard.

This modern edition has revised data to reflect everyday cockpit needs, comprising VFR ceiling, visibility, and cloud dismissal VFR roaming lengths, information regularities, pilot climate summary sequence, light gun indication key, and a crosswind component graph.


  • This new version of the kneeboard is cost-effective.
  • It does not compromise on quality despite being budget-friendly.
  • The product design includes space for holding pens and documents.
  • The Velcro straps have a strong grip.
  • The information on the kneeboard is helpful. 


  • A few users find the product to be a little extra wide.

5. ASA KB-3 VFR Trifold Kneeboard

ASA KB-3 VFR Trifold Kneeboard

For the aviator who has a slight addition to juggling, the ASA Tri-Fold Kneeboard clasps the expertly-designed VFR product in a three-panel coat. The left pocket has a considerable compartment for compact-sized books, manuscripts, and unusually-shaped articles.

The hub panel clasps the product under apparent plastic with buttonholes and pencil/pen holder on either viewpoint -- enabling the user to fold back a single or both panels with the leg velcro straps.

The panel on the right includes an apparent compartment for simple map viewing. The flexible leg band's Velcro straps accommodate any leg dimensions comfortably. There’s black nylon with embroidered silver wings logo. The overall dimensions of the kneeboard are 6-1/2" broad x 9-1/2" tall.


  • The black nylon body is attractive.
  • Its left panel has enough space for small books and documents.
  • For easy map-viewing, there’s a clear panel.
  • It can fit any leg size easily.
  • It does not interfere with the yoke. 


  • The build quality needs improvement.
  • A few users might feel that it is a bit short.

6. Tikteck 9.7-inch Tablet and iPad Pilot Kneeboard case

Tikteck 9.7-inch Tablet and iPad Pilot Kneeboard case

This product is a multitasking kneeboard, adaptable jacket, and binder that is active, durable, and fashionable. Tikteck’s iPad Kneeboard for pilots is the favorable fixture for your beloved cockpit helper.

This professional portfolio ensures your iPad in aviation and on the ground. The flexible clasp secures the binder-like case to your limb for in-flight use and is handily removable for ordinary use. The inner sleeve clasps your iPad securely on the straight side with full entry to iPad management and controls.

The left side has compartments to store your articles and furnishes a writing ground. The jacket folds into a flap to fulfill an upright or smooth desktop stand, delivering easy landscape valuing and full keyboard admission.

Gorgeous black leatherette with embossed branches; fits iPad 9.7 inch. It does not fit iPad mini. Measures: Height 9-3/4", Width—closed 7-1/8", Width—open 14-1/2".


  • It is suitable for both Apple and non-Apple devices.
  • There’s a stylus holder on the kneeboard’s cover.
  • The kneeboard also has a space for storing documents.
  • You will not have any problem accessing the iPad buttons. 


  • It cannot fit the new iPad Pro.
  • The flap design needs improvement.

7. MYGOFLIGHT Universal Mini Leather Folio C EFB Pilot Kneeboard and Clipboard

MYGOFLIGHT Universal Mini Leather Folio C EFB Pilot Kneeboard and Clipboard

The iPad Mini Universal Kneeboard Folio C (comprising clipboard) is the precise, high-quality leather tightening aviation kneeboard. The iPad Mini Universal Kneeboard Folio C was constructed for the demanding and imposing wants of commanders and the cockpit climate. It is accessible for all.

It is constructed to include all intentions for how you like to use it - both freedom and left hand, fastened to the right or left leg, as a conventional kneeboard with the clipboard on the outside or as a lap desk. Every means you select to use it; your iPad/Tablet will be secure in its spot.

The built-in rack feature facilitates you to brace your iPad/Tablet at nearly any slope on a diagram or other flat ground. A low twist is excellent for lessening the wrist burden while indexing on the iPad/Tablet on-screen keyboard.

An elevated angle gives you an excellent role in watching movies or photo slideshows or indexing with a wireless keyboard. When the rack is not wanted, it shops neatly against the case and whirls into the case's closure system.

This feature protects the guise of the case neared, and your iPad/Tablet network is conserved when not in use.

Eliminate the belt, and you remember a gorgeous everyday case to clasp and utilize your iPad/Tablet - one investment in a case can be used as a pilot kneeboard review and as a defensive case.

The electronic aviation bag VFR/IFR dividable clipboard attaches magnetically for a more stabilized note-taking. Pilot's kneeboard, lapboard, clipboard, and typical case securely grabs and guards your Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3/4/5 or any tablet measuring 7"-8".

Pilots, boaters, truckers, travelers, road trippers, and anyone with a practical lifestyle will appreciate having this straightforward, quick, protective, and single-handed access to their pieces of equipment.

The removable Velcro clasp secures the product. Once the grip is eliminated, the kneeboard evolves into a slim iPad case/cover for day-to-day use. Effortlessly seize your iPad from flights to the workplace to home, where the in-built and flexible stand renovates the case for tabletops, laps, or desks.  

Utilize a low twist for lessening wrist fatigue while indexing on the on-screen keypad or an elevated slope for watching films or reading or indexing with a wireless-type keyboard.

There's also one year warranty against deficiencies in quality and artistry for all commodities bought from and generated by MYGOFLIGHT. If you find this specific commodity to be impaired, you may petition an exchange for an alternate, a repair, or replacement parts within the first year of the invoice period.


  • You will receive a one-year-long warranty with this product.
  • It can fit many other tablets other than the iPad.
  • The leather construction on this kneeboard looks sophisticated.
  • You can also rotate your iPad 360-degree with this product. 


  • It is one of the most expensive products on this list.
  • The magnets on this kneeboard are weak.

8. DESIGN 4 PILOTS Pilot Aviation Kneeboard

DESIGN 4 PILOTS Pilot Aviation Kneeboard

It is a top-notch product for Fneration 1 to 4 iPad Mini and a maximum of 7' to 8.5' tablets. It is earned from environmental-friendly material, a broad velcro thigh-strap, clipboard mask, two side stylus holders (elastics), and anti-skid pads on the back to enhance stability.

Inside, there is a soft microfibre cloth to protect the device screen and a credit-card-sized compartment. There are sideways clasping pieces and a Velcro hanger to assure a good grip, openings for air circulation.


  • The product has a unique and elegant look.
  • It is suitable for all iPad Mini generations. 
  • It uses only eco-friendly leather for its construction.
  • This kneeboard offers versatile use.
  • The anti-slip pads improve stability.
  • The quality can withstand daily use. 


  • This product may not impress budget-conscious buyers.
  • The stitching of the elastic band is not durable. 

9. DESIGN 4 PILOTS Aviation Kneeboard I-Pilot for iPad

DESIGN 4 PILOTS Aviation Kneeboard I-Pilot for iPad

Inside covered with a soft microfiber fabric to protect the iPad; Credit card sized compartment. The kneeboard blanket crumples to the side - away from the control-stick. The iPad is held in place by a solid letter frame with adequate vacancies to dispel heat from the device.

This one is not for the best iPad mini kneeboard. Please let sure to gauge your tablet before decreeing.


  • The design of this kneeboard looks great.
  • This kneeboard has an eco-friendly construction.
  • It is suitable for both student pilots and professional pilots.
  • The product has a satisfactory grip.
  • The design of this product is stylish. 


  • If you strap the kneeboard to your right knee, you’ll find the strap to be unusual.
  • It cannot accommodate papers.

10. ASA iPad Rotating Kneeboard

ASA iPad Rotating Kneeboard

Constructed by pilots for pilots, these best iPad kneeboard for pilot Tightening Kneeboard is coated with soft, leather-like equipment. It stars a wide hook-and-loop leg clasp to clench the kneeboard in a spot during flight.

Middle, the rotating iPad shelf clasps the equipment securely and enables the 360-degree cycle of the iPad. An easel is established into the kneeboard for flexible tilted viewing, in and out of the cockpit.

The power port is available with the jacket shut, and a window exposes the camera lens for easy resemblance taking. A minor elastic loop securely holds a pencil, pen, or stylus.


  • This versatile product rotates at a 360-degree angle.
  • It also has a variable tilting feature.
  • You can also store your pen, stylus, or pencil in this kneeboard.
  • The leather-like material feels extremely soft and comfortable.
  • The window exposes the camera lens for taking pictures. 


  • The size is a bit big for the iPad.

Things to Consider When Buying a Kneeboard

Long before the days of flight when Charles Lindbergh initially drifted across the North Atlantic, pilots were looking for means to ensure a notepad and some diagrams around the cockpit.

What developed occurred as "kneeboard," and as technology has progressed, so have kneeboard characteristic sets. Here are some things to consider.

Ensure Your iPad Mini and Everything Else You Need

If you drift with a 7.9-inch iPad Mini or similar-sized Android EFBs, it’s a decent idea to have it ensured for takeoffs and landings to prevent it from becoming a missile in a crisis. This kneeboard equips that device security.

Pilot Kneeboards

It comes along with compartments for a mobile phone, pen/pencil holders. It also has an aluminum clipboard, which you can efficiently utilize in the iPad Mini spot to carry diagrams or a notepad.

Helpful Availability of Paper IFR Approach Charts

If you drift in instrument meteorological circumstances, a kneeboard with a collapsible "three-ring" layout is excellent for establishing and carrying approach charts. Load this kneeboard up pre-flight with the maps you'll desire for your goal and alternates.

You can keep your pens, pencils and tiny flashlight handy for breaking down your approval on a notepad ensured to the aluminum clipboard. A nestled foam rear adds relief for long flights.

Reversible Design for Right/Left Leg Positioning

The Multi-Function Heli Kneeboard is created for helicopter captains drifting from the right seat but can be handily overturned by fixed-wing pilots flying left seats.

It is priced higher than several kneeboards but arrives packed with almost every characteristic of all popular kneeboards rolled into one unit.

Pilot Kneeboards

Flip handily between a panel with “elastic loops” to hold iPad Mini or an acrylic clipboard panel with 7-Ring eyelets for paper charts. Every panel rapidly stows behind the other, creating this a highly-functional layout with wide versatility for any means you fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

While reading the article, you must have come through lots of doubts and questions, and in this section, we will try to answer some of the most common doubts.

1. Are Helicopter And Plane Kneeboards The Same?

Yes, the kneeboards designed for planes and helicopters are the same, and there is no difference between them. So, if you buy a kneeboard, you can use it anywhere as the necessary work is to keep things organized, and it doesn't matter if you are on a plane or helicopter.

2. Do I Need To Purchase The Pilot Kneeboard?

The answer to this question is that it is unnecessary to have a kneeboard, but you will surely need it and find it helpful. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced pilot, you will surely need it, and it is worth buying.

3. What Will Happen If Somehow The Strap Of The Kneeboard Breaks?

Well, there's a sporadic case that the strap breaks if you buy it from the products shown above. But in case it happens, you don't have to buy a new one. If you have to buy a new strap, its cost is negligible compared to the price of the whole kneeboard.

Final Thoughts

A kneeboard is a handy accessory that a pilot uses to keep all the useful things arranged in it. In the cockpit, there are already lots of things that the pilot has to manage. Taking care of things like maps, iPad, Mobile phones, other useful things is a pain. This situation is where kneeboarding comes into play.

Kneeboards are basically of two types and vary in size, material, and quality depending on the needs. And it is straightforward to use. It contains Different pockets in which you can put your stuff and papers.

It also has a separate area to put electronic gadgets like pads or mobile phones. It is tied with straps and clamps. So, you must have got some pilot kneeboard reviews for your purchase.

Buying the kneepad mainly depends on your needs. If you want to keep your pads, tablets, or a phone, you should go for a bigger size one.

But if you only have to store small things like papers, maps, important documents, and keyrings, you can go with a smaller size. It has chambers and pockets, so do get your needs clear before you buy it.

So whichever kneeboard you choose, it will make your journey smoother and free from the stress of managing your things throughout the journey.

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