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How Long Is An Aviation Mechanic School? Why?

Who is an aviation mechanic?An aviation mechanic is actually a technician or electrician who has a practical licence to perform the task of aircraft maintenance, repairing, and installation of new tools and equipment to the physical components of the airplane body. Aviation mechanic is responsible for taking care of all the components of an airplane. They […]

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IFR vs VFR: What they mean and what key differences?

IFR stands for instrumental flight rules, whereas VFR stands for visual flight rules. Both of these are codes for flying used by the aircraft pilot. VFR is used when the weather is good and the visibility range is perfect. It means that the pilot is controlling the airplane himself; he is not only viewing his […]

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What does squawk code mean in aviation?

When we talk about airline communication, there is a common term often heard by most of us called squawk. Squawk is basically a 4-digit code used by airplanes for communication in the air and airplane as communication between the airplane and the controlling centre at the airport. Its main purpose is to establish a connection […]

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