Best Luggage Crew Cooler Bag for Pilots

You can fly like a bird from one country to another if you are a pilot. Birds, on the other hand, have a natural ability to manage their food. However, how will you? 

You need a cooler bag to carry your meal. It can help you save money and offer you fresh foods on your trip. Unfortunately, there aren't many possibilities for flight crew members. We've done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best cooler bags.

We will start with an in-depth review of the 6 best luggage crew cooler bag for pilots followed by a comprehensive buying guide. Finally, we'll try to answer a few FAQs about this product. 

First, keep your eye here and start scrolling! 

6 Best Luggage Crew Cooler Bag for Pilots

Our researchers have picked up the following flight crew coolers based on reasonable size, sturdy construction material, plenty of organizational items, ease to carry, and also some other notable features. 

1. Aerocast Pro EFB+ Cooler-2 

Aerocast Pro EFB+ Cooler-2

Main Specs: 

  • Measurement:
    Overall Size: 15"x12"x9"
    Food Compartment: 14" ×10"6"
  • Weight: 4.94 lbs 
  • Color: Black

Chances are, you love to take your meal on a trip. So, you're looking for the best flight attendant lunch bag. Why not try Aerocast Pro EFB+ Cooler II? Though it's a little bit pricey, you get everything that you need on a journey. 

Firstly, let's dive into its compartments. There is a main insulated compartment to store your food. Wet food is likely to drip, hence this compartment is labeled as leak-proof.

Then there's a side compartment for carrying your laptop. It's beneficial because your technological equipment and food products are no longer kept together. A sunglass compartment is also included, which is unique to Aerocast. Two front pockets, two side pockets, one top pocket, and an extendable bottom storage compartment make up the remaining six pockets.

You can blindly trust its durability as it is made of multiple layers of foams which are reinforced by a rigid layer. Foam regulates temperature, so it keeps your food fresh even after a long time. Anyway, it is constructed from soft/sided luggage material. Plus, it is comfortable to carry the bag because of its ergonomic handle.

2. Strongbags Luggage Crew Cooler 

Strongbags Luggage Crew Cooler

Main Specs:

  • Measurement:
    Overall Size: 15"×12"×8
    Food Compartment: 14"×8"×7"
  • Material: Cordura Ballistic Nylon
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Color: Black 

This is a great option if you need to transport a lot of food but don't want to sacrifice the bag's style. It's made of high-quality materials and looks far more stylish than a boxy cooler.

Besides its gigantic food compartment, let's talk about its cooling time. Tests revealed that ice remains in solid form for about 24 hours. So, keep your food fresh all day long. 

Plus, it offers you a pocket in front to carry necessary accessories. Take a water bottle in zippered side pockets! 

Compared to its competitors like Travelpro or Luggageworks, it's great for its design. 

This backpack is envious of sturdiness also. Customers reviewed that it has held up the abuse of regular travel.

3. Aerocoast Pro EFB + Cooler bag 

Aerocoast Pro EFB + Cooler bag

Main Specs:

  • Measurement:
    Overall Size: 16"×10"×8"
    Food Compartment: 14"×8"×6"
    EFB Compartment: 15"×11"×3"
  • Color: Black 

For flight crew luggage, Aerocast is a top brand in the market. So, our researcher picks an unbeatable flight attendant lunch bag again from Aerocast. This time, it offers you enough room to store meals for a 3 or 4-day trip. On the other hand, EFB pockets allow you to safely store any iPad and several types of laptops. 

Plus, It features plenty of pockets for whatever else you need to bring, such as a flashlight, pilot paperwork, cutlery, pens, and other small items. The YKK zippers have performed admirably. And you can store this bag anywhere easily, such as in the pilot compartment in ERJ-175. 

The aluminum coating inside ensures leak resistance. And, thoughtfully designed rigid case construction made it ultra-durable. You can carry this bag easily with its ergonomic interlocking handle.

The only downside of this bag is it doesn't feature a pocket for water bottles. And, it is expensive. So if you're on a tight budget, head to another option.

4. Aurora New Generation-Cooler-Tote-Combo 

Aurora New Generation-Cooler-Tote-Combo

Main Specs: 

  • Measurement:
    Overall size: 15" x 10" x 11.5"
    Food compartment: 14" x 3.5" x 11"
  • Volume: 28L
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-years 

The Aurora Cooler-Tote Combo, designed to be two bags in one, is available from Luggageworks. If you are happy at a day trip meal, head to this set. 

Pluses of this bag mostly revolve around affordable price points, sufficient pockets, ease to carry, and sturdiness. 

However, the insulation is slightly less effective, and the lining is a bit less durable. If you're carrying meat during the summer, this is something to think about (extra ice packs can be helpful). The liner is more prone to leak through the bottom if something liquid drops or if an ice pack explodes. It's not a major issue, but you can't put ice in the cooler directly.

It has a hook and a Velcro slider to fit on your roller. It can fit right in the 175 next to you. And, it is accessible to you entirely with high-quality zippers. 

The Downside of this bag is, it doesn't have enough room to store a huge amount of food. So, if you plan a long journey, try other luggage from this list.

5. Strong bags Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler 

Strong bags Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler

Main Specs:

  • Measurement:
    Overall Size: 14″x 7″x 13″
    Food Compartment: 12" x 7" x 9"
  • Material: Cordura Ballistic Nylon Fabric 

If you crave versatility in a crew cooler, Strongbags cooler can be an unbeatable choice. It has plenty of cold storage capacity as well as a few useful pockets. Carry all your necessary staff in these easy-access pockets. 

When it comes to durability, this bag is made to last for decades. Firstly, it used ultra-sturdy construction material. In addition, the cooler's bottom is strengthened with firm, sturdy edging and triangle foot pads to ensure that it can resist heavy use.

The cooling compartment is not too large but is enough to store a 3-day meal. No doubt you can put a block of ice here, it is completely waterproof! Additional pockets remain in the top, front, two zippered side pockets to store your phone, iPad, headset, water bottles, books, etc. The EFB compartment is especially convenient to use. 

We hear you asked about cooling time! Well, Strongbag claims that a 1.5" ice block remains solid for 24-48 hours. (Provided that you've followed all their guidelines) 

To carry the bag, a padded shoulder strap is added which is comfortable to use. Moreover, it'll go over an 8.5-inch luggage handle.

6. Travelpro essentials 2-in-1 Travel Tote and Cooler 

Travelpro essentials 2-in-1 Travel Tote and Cooler

Main Specs:

  • Measurement:
    Overall Size: 11.25"×17"×8"
  • Material: High-density fabric with DuraGuard® coating
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Volume: 22L
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty 

Travel pro essential 2in 1 is a great name for this backpack. Let's break it down! Because you can't carry numerous bags at once, it's absolutely necessary to bring food and other utensils with you in the air in one suitcase. Hence named essential 2 in 1! Anyway, Travelpro fixed all these at a low price! 

Though Travelpro is not so eye-catching by its outside appearance. Still, when it comes to carrying food for a 4-day trip, the insulated food compartment is ideal to go. Plus, the material is durable and resists stains and abrasions. Moreover, the size can be expanded by 2 inches with its expansion feature. 

You can carry it as you wish! With a removable shoulder strap or bale handles, multiple carrying options are there. 

This flight crew luggage is equipped with plenty of easy-access pockets. We love its built-in key leash in the interior compartment.

What to look for before buying?

Crew luggage is your best friend on a journey. You can't choose your best friend blindly. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a bag. For instance- 

A. Size of the flight lunch box:

When it comes to size, we primarily take two factors into account. The flight attendant lunch bag should have enough space and be of the correct size to fit in the cockpit, overhead bins, or passenger seats.


It is not advisable to select a bag with a limited capacity because you may need to carry meals even on a 5-day trip. So, look for the largest cooler possible. The bag's overall size should be somewhat larger as well. As a result, it can carry all necessary personnel.

B. Carrying Method: 

You have to carry this luggage almost everywhere. So it should be handled comfortably. Make sure the bag is capable of sliding over the handles of your luggage roller if you desire to do so.

Multiple carrying options are a must. Hanging the crew luggage from a j-hook is another option to carry. A removable shoulder strap that is padded is convenient to use. In a nutshell, ensure that the bag can be carried in the way you wish. 

C. Compartments: 

Isn't it an extra hassle to carry a cooler bag for storing food, another luggage for EFB, and again another for other utensils such as a headset, flashlight, sunglasses, water bottles, etc? 

Luggage Crew Cooler Bag

So, it's a must to look for a bag that contains a large compartment for food, and extra pockets in front, side, or top to carry other accessories. Some of the best backpacks in the market also offer extra compartments in the bottom which can be used to expand the interior size. 

D. Durability: 

Your bag should last a lifetime if not for decades. As a general rule, strong construction material (Cordura or ballistic nylon) promises enhanced durability. Polyester is not so admirable concerning sturdiness. 

However, not only material but also manufacturing design may also determine durability. 

E. Waterproof and Scratch-Resistance 

Spilling food items is a common when traveling, and no one enjoys these situations. When purchasing a bag, make sure it is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. The food compartment must be insulated so that it can easily wipe up.

As you'll be carrying electronic items in this bag besides food, water resistance is a must-have feature for the safety of the EFB. 


If you're new to using this product, you might have some confusion before purchasing. The following answers may help to clarify your questions about this bag. 

1. Is it worthwhile to invest in-flight crew coolers?

Certainly! Flight crew luggage is designed to be durable and easily repaired or serviced if something goes wrong. The objective is to keep the crew flying and happy. What we consider standard crew luggage frequently comes with a variety of warranties, including commercial warranty coverage and, in some cases, lifetime repairs or replacement. 

2. Pilots prefer which flight lunch box brands?

In this field, Aerocast is a well-known name. However, there are two unassailable names in this category: Strongbag and Travelpro. 

3. What can you carry in a flight crew coolers?

Our recommended bags can carry everything you need on a trip. Besides food, there remains enough room to store a headset, pocket for laptop or iPad, dedicated external pocket for transceiver, small compartments for chargers, flashlights, fuel testers, sunglasses, and other smaller items.

Final Thought

You can't compromise with diet if you're a pilot and flying in the air. To stayb energetic, fresh foods must be stored with you. So, you must have a cooler bag whenever you're going to fly. We're optimistic that if you invest a few dollars for it now, you'll thank us later. 

With that, we conclude our article on the 6 best luggage crew cooler Durability bag for pilots. We hope you found it informative.  Have a safe journey!

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