How Far In Advance Can You Book A Flight?

Booking a flight for international traveling is somewhat a complicated process, especially when you're traveling in the US. So, if you book a flight in advance, it would be less logical and less complicated. It depends upon you that how far in advance you would like to book a flight. The maximum time period for which you can book a flight is about a year.

 It is often thought by most people that booking in advance can save you money. But in most cases, it is not so; most airlines are providing cheap booking facilities if you book the flight six months before or even days before you plan to travel.

So, you should consider a few Points prior to booking a flight. If you are paying cash, then it is better that you book your flight on time, not beforehand. If you wish to book the flight using some coupons or points to book your tickets, it is advisable to book the flight beforehand.

Revenue tickets

Some airlines offer revenue tickets. These are only reserved for some particular flights. You can reserve the tickets some days before departure; these airlines also facilitate the customers by extending the departure dates upon the convenience of the customers.

Revenue tickets

 These airlines sometimes charge the customers for these extra facilities. Some airlines also provide privileges to customers who book more international flights repeatedly. They can also book in advance but the maximum time for or booking is almost a year.

Flight delay cases

Suppose if you have booked a flight beforehand but your plan has changed so, so you wish to delay the flight. If you are planning to visit some area after year aur about six months, in this case, you will make a prior booking. It is actually your delete flight, but as you are making a prior booking, it would be e considered in advance.

Flight delay cases

Instead of taking your money back if the flight is delayed, it is better to make a prior booking some days or months ahead. It would save you from the legal process of money back, and you could easily invest money in pre-booking.

Increase in ticket prices

Suppose that you are planning a trip for months and collecting money for it. Now you have had that the ticket prices of the airline from which you want to travel have increased. In this case, you can opt for pre-booking. If you are paying in cash at the spot, you would be able to get the tickets at a lower price and ensure that your trip remains within your budget.

Increase in ticket prices

Domestic and international flights

Usually, the pre-booking time for domestic and international flights differs with every airline. In many airlines, the pre-booking time for domestic flights is about 14 to 18 months, whereas the time for international flight pre-booking is about a year.

Domestic and international flights

Most people prefer to save money on international flights. You may keep traveling through domestic flights but traveling abroad is something big for the majority. In 50% of cases, it is for fun purposes, and people tend to save money on those flights.

When exactly should you book a flight?

Before booking a flight, you must keep something in your mind. First of all, you need to have a look at your budget. You must make sure that you would have all the things done before the time being when you would travel if you are sure that you would be free till then go for or proper booking date at once.

When it is vacation time, most of the people are traveling so so the ticket prices would increase automatically. Show, so you need to plan your pre-booking in such a way that you get the tickets before the vacation time at a lower price.

When exactly should you book a flight

The ticket prices rise and fall dramatically, so you need to anticipate when the prices would be low. By analyzing the situation smartly, you can save money by booking a flight in advance.


So, if you think smartly, you can save your money easily by making a flight booking in advance. You need to check that it when the airline company is offering privileges and when the ticket prices are low.

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