How Long Does It Take To Become a Commercial Airline Pilot?

Learning how to fly requires a few technical things which you must know. You should be aware of the machinery as well as you must have spent time playing flying. It is an easier option to fly a helicopter or commercial jets. But flying an airplane full of passengers with hundreds of lives depends on you is a big pressure. It is the moment where you should learn how to get over your nerves. Flying a commercial airplane requires maximum technical knowledge as well as confidence and decision-making power.

There are a few reservations and requirements for being a commercial airline pilot. It acquires minimum age of 18 or more. The minimum qualification that you can have is a bachelor's degree. You must be fluent in English and require good communication skills. You must have spent 1500 hours of piloting.

A commercial pilot

In addition to that, you need a second-class medical certificate a piloting degree from a good institution. As flying is all about practice, you must have practice in front of a good and authorized instructor. You must have passed the aeronautics test, viva as well, as a practical test. As far as physical requirements are concerned, you must be in good health and height more than 5 feet.

Civilian and military flight school

There are two ways to become a successful commercial pilot. But to choose any of them, you must have a bachelor's degree first. Becoming an air pilot to civilian School is a very costly process the fee of the schools is very high. You must have at least a B grade in subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English. Then you must have flying training and practice for at least two years.

Commercial airline pilot

First, you have to get a pilot certificate which requires 40 hours of flying training and a medical test. After earning the certificate, you have to practice for another 200 to 250 hours to get a commercial pilot license. After that, you have to undergo a written test, a viva, and a practical test in which you are given an aircraft to fly.

As education with a civil pilot training center or school is very costly, so many people opt for military flight school.  Their requirement is a bachelor's degree with good grades and your medical health certificate. One difference in a military flight school is that you must undergo officer training for about 17 weeks before trying the actual flight training. But the good thing about it is that they pay you during the training course.

Steps for being a commercial pilot

There are a series of steps that you can follow to be a successful commercial pilot.

A commercial pilot
  • Go through a medical test. It means testing your vision, hearing, speaking, heart rate, and breath rate. It is done to make sure that you are physically able to be a professional pilot.
  • The next step is ground training. It includes school training and studying in the classroom. The subjects such aerodynamics, aeronautics, navigation, and studies about the weather.
  • The third step is to go through a written exam. When you pass this exam, then you can proceed to the training process.
  • The next step is to proceed with the air training; you have to train for almost 1500 hours to win a pilot certificate. Initially, it is done in the presence of an instructor, but later, you can try it yourself.
  • The fifth step is to go through a practical exam where your flying skills are tested, and there is a viva exam where your intelligence and decision-making skills are tested.
  • When you get through these, you are ready to apply for a job as a commercial pilot. You have to get your job interview right. It is the key to success. 

Commercial vs. airline pilot

There is always a misconception among people a commercial pilot and an airline pilot are the same. Airline pilots may be classified as a type of commercial pilot. A commercial pilot can fly any type of aircraft ranging from cargo planes to ferry and even passenger flights. In comparison, an airline pilot is limited to passenger airlines only. There is a variety of jobs if you opt for being a commercial pilot.

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