How Long Is An Aviation Mechanic School? Why?

Who is an aviation mechanic?

An aviation mechanic is actually a technician or electrician who has a practical licence to perform the task of aircraft maintenance, repairing, and installation of new tools and equipment to the physical components of the airplane body.

an aviation mechanic

 Aviation mechanic is responsible for taking care of all the components of an airplane. They benefit the lives of all by working tirelessly to make airplanes safe for travelling. Whenever there are wear and tear, they are ready to troubleshoot and fix it at once.

Qualification required 

The minimum age for it is 18 years, so you better get yourself enrolled early so that you turn 18 while your degree is about to complete. You should be good at speaking English and communication skills. The minimum qualification required for it is bachelors. There are three types of exams you must need to pass to become an aviation mechanic. These include writer, verbal well as performance tests.

an aviation mechanic

Skills required

Following are the skills required to be a professional aviation mechanic:

  • You must be focused and goal-oriented. As a trainee, you need to focus on what you are learning and, while you are working as a mechanic, look for new things and ideas every day.
  • You must be able to use your hands well; a mechanic requires you to work using his hands.
  • You should be well aware of the usage of various tools and their names.
  • You should be quick in decision making and look for problems intelligently.
  • You should be innovative when it comes to troubleshooting.
  • It is the need that you must have the physical strength and hand power that an aviation mechanic requires.
  • You should have good management and working skills.

Duration and subjects

So, there is a total of five courses that you must need to pass to be an aircraft mechanic. Each course is about twelve weeks long. Hence, the entire aircraft mechanic program takes about 19 to 30 months for completion with practical experiences. The major subjects include aerodynamics, aircraft electrical systems, material sciences, airplane components, physics and chemistry.

an aviation mechanic school

Required experience

There are two ways in which you can work to gain experience as an aviation mechanic. You can work under a supervisor mechanic for almost 24 weeks to get the experience certificate. Another very excellent way of gaining experience is that you should work in armed services for the maintenance of aircraft. So, practice and constant work is the key to get experienced in this case.

Tasks performed 

To keep aircraft at peak best condition, various tasks are performed by aviation mechanics like repairments of engines, fuel tanks and also daily based maintaining of aircraft like maintenance of wings, tail section, landing gear, radio and computer system and all that instruments and equipment.

an aviation mechanic school

Responsibilities of an aviation mechanic

  • They must do regular repairing and maintenance on aircraft to fix all problems that may be getting all into trouble during the flight.
  • An aviation mechanic should check the airplane quickly before the flight to avoid any technical difficulties that may prove to be fatal.
  • He should keep the maintenance of the airplane in check daily and should be highly efficient in their work.
  • They should keep an eye on the new tools in the market and should update their knowledge regarding the usage of tools.
  • They should be available if urgent work is needed for an airplane and should come up with the best possible solutions.
  • They should be efficient and quick in performing their tasks with the best they can give.

Job opportunities and salaries

In general, aircraft mechanics earn just under $63,000 per year, with a salary range of $35,000–$100,000 depending on academic achievement, hands-on experience, and the airline company.

an aviation mechanic school

What is the benefit of being an aviation mechanic?

Being an aviation mechanic is not an easy job. It requires many skills like a sense of responsibility, analytical approach, good sense of reasoning and understanding of engineering designs. The aviation industry depends greatly on mechanics. Aircraft would be unable to take their flight without the assistance of qualified mechanics before and after each flight, and the aviation industry would come to a standstill.

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