How Much Does A Helicopter Tour Cost In The US?

Traveling in a helicopter is always better than an airplane where you are restricted to sit in a cabin, and the only view is through a small misty window. An airplane flies at a greater height, so all you can see are the clouds and tiny blurry outlines of the buildings and people. It is always a very boring experience like traveling in a box.

So, if you love a 3D view of beautiful sceneries, then a helicopter tour is best for you. The exotic view of scenes from above satisfies your sense of pleasure. The open windows of the helicopter from top to bottom provide a complete view which makes the whole thing more exciting.

The price of a helicopter tour depends upon many things like the quality of flight, duration, distance, city, time, and number of passengers. But an average one-hour helicopter tour costs between 500 to 5000 euros.


The price of a helicopter tour also depends upon your purpose. If you are a photographer, you will have to take care of the timings that when precisely the view is perfect for taking pictures. Your duration obviously would be dependent on it. For a trip around a single city like Manhattan for an hour, the price is 200 dollars.


There is a disadvantage with the helicopter tour that the number of passengers is limited. Mostly, the allowed number is two to three persons at a time. So, if you have a group of friends, all of them would not be allowed in a single helicopter.

So, you can say that a helicopter tour is a private experience. Plus, the fare for each passenger is fixed, which means that a large number of people would not reduce the overall fare.

Wedding destination

The perfect idea for a wedding destination is a helicopter tour. There are some beautiful US sites that you can visit by helicopter and take amazing pictures over there. The price for it depends upon the location and your distance from that location. The price is somewhat high as compared to the usual helicopter tour. It would be between 300 to 400 dollars.

Wedding destination

A night view

Some cities like San Francisco, Manhattan, and New York of the US are fully awake at night. So, it would be fun to enjoy the awake city. Taking pictures over there would be a great experience. For a cheap helicopter flight, the fare would be 200 to 400 dollars. For a particular flight in the big helicopter, the price would be between 500 to 700 dollars per person.

A night view

 The fares for photography vary with the helicopter model and the shoot location. If the pilot is good at information, your ride would be great fun. If you have a guide with you, as some helicopters have, you will have to pay extra charges, but your tour would be informative.


So, a helicopter ride is always fun, but the only disadvantage is less timing and a limited number of passengers.

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