Unclog Ears: How To Pop Your Ears On A Plane?

Many people suffer from a situation called ear barotrauma. This mostly occurs when a person is sick or has a sudden change in height while traveling, especially in airplanes. They experience a painful situation of their ears being clogged, and they become for a while, so their ears need to be popped open.

Clogging of ears when a flight takes off or lands. This is because your attitude is changing. It is because the Eustachian tube present at the back of your nose connects the two ears. It ensures that the air pressure is equal around both ears. So, when changing height, the Eustachian tube clogs your ears to maintain air pressure balance.

Suppose that it has been hours since you have left the airport, but your ears are still clogged. Instead of waiting for this painful situation to go away itself, it is much better to adopt a few remedies and have a peaceful night's sleep. These techniques are helpful not only to pop clogged ears after flight weather in a condition of severe flu, temperature and headache.

There are a few simple techniques that can help you get rid of this painful issue.

Yawn or swallow

Like your nose, mouth and ears are mutually connected, so you need to move the muscles of your face to make your tubes working properly. You can try yawning while opening your mouth as big as you can. The more air you passed through it, the more it would help open up the Eustachian tube, so your ears would pop in no time.

Pop your ears on a plane

The other pathway from your mouth is to your digestive system. If you swallow or gulp something, it will aid in opening up your tubes. You may take a sip of coffee or water or anything you have; you can also chew on bubble gum or a bar of chocolate.

Eating chewing gums

Another simple and feasible technique to open up your clogged ears is to chew hard as you can on a piece of bubble gum. It would help your mouth muscles to be stimulated, which would result in more saliva production so that you can swallow easily. Ultimately it would pop up your painful clogged ears.

Olive oil for softening ear wax

If you have reached home or your hotel with your painful and clogged ears, and you do not have any time for medication are you cannot go and purchase medicine, this simple remedy lies in your bedroom. You can use olive oil for unclogging your ears.

For this purpose, simply lie down on your bed with the clogged ear-facing roof now, shake your change side gently until it is opened, and for a few drops of olive oil into your ears. Keep lying in this position for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then change your position. Place your affected ear on the pillow after 20 to 30 minutes until the ear wax will get softer, and you can use cotton to remove it. In this way, your ears would be unclogged.

Using a warm cloth or steam

The next home remedy, which is almost costless, is to use a wet cloth or towel to unclog your ears. For this purpose, simply hold the towel or cloth underneath the water for about 2 minutes and then shrink it to make sure that all the excess water is drained out of it. Bring that piece of cloth or towel to your ears and then gently place it over there. After a few minutes, your ear wax will soften, and it would open up your Eustachian tube.

how to pop your ears on a plane

Another remedy to unclog your ears is to take a steam bath or simply steaming yourself using a facial steamer. If you do not have any of these, you can simply take a hot shower. For this purpose, fill some hot water in a box or a bowl. Now bend your head over it to cover yourself and the bowl with the towel. Inhale the steam as much as you can; it would regulate your nose and ears working. You can also use medicines for this purpose.

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