What To Wear On An Airplane In The Summer?

There are different viewpoints about what you should wear while going on an airplane journey. But you can wear anything that comforts you unless it is revealing or too large your size. If you wear long frocks or skirts or loose trousers, it is quite a chance that you might trip over.

As far as the shoes are concerned, it is suggested not to wear high heels or leather boots. Normally you have to walk a long way from the check-in gate to all the security gates and from the waiting lounge to the airplane. So, you would be exhausted even before the flight.

Most people wear jeans while traveling and especially during air travel. Jeans are considered as being comfy and easy to wear by most people. But make sure that your jeans are stretchable and low cut. Skinny jeans are not typically suggested but if you feel comfortable wearing skinny jeans, go ahead with it.

Usually, long scarves and shawls are avoided as it is not convenient for everyone to carry them elegantly. So, wear something that suits you, not something that keeps bothering you throughout the journey. Loose clothes are generally preferred, but not too large clothes double or triple your size.

Multi-layered clothing

Once the airplane is in the air, the temperature gradually decreases. So, you should be prepared for it by having multi-layered clothing. Multi-layered clothing not only protects you from sudden climate changes but the more you put over yourself, the less you would have to pack. But it does not mean that you go to the airport being a cupboard yourself.

wear on an airplane in the summer

For example, if you are wearing a light T-shirt, you can wear a denim jacket over it. It would look classy as well as help you if you feel cold. If you are wearing a short maxi, you can pull a loose sweater over it. It would protect you from clattering teeth when you feel cold on a flight.

T-shirts and lose tops

T-shirts are common wear among both men and women. T-shirts are not only comfy but also stylish. People usually prefer it for casual wear, and they work the best for all occasions. If your T-shirt is loose, you can make a knot at its lower front side. It looks quite trendy nowadays. You can also wear a denim or leather jacket over it if you feel cold.

T-shirts and lose tops

Tops are very common these days. They always look the best with low-cut jeans, skinny jeans or tights, and leggings. You can style your top by adding a little scarf with it tied around your neck. You can also use this scarf as a pillow cover if you do not want to wear it. Plus, small scarves always come in handy.


There is a wide variety of shoes that you can use for flights. Joggers and snicker shoes are the most favorite. When it is summer, you can wear easy sandals and flat stylish slippers. They look good on your feet but do not wear heels or leather boots; otherwise, it would tire your feet.


Wearing a comfy pair of cotton socks with closed shoes is, however, a much suitable option. As your feet will not get tired and you would not feel cold. It is a fact that if your feet are warm, you would not feel too cold even if you are not wearing any jacket or sweater. Plus, joggers always look suitable with anything you wear.

Bottom clothing

If you are wearing a skirt, you can wear a pair of tights beneath it. It would make you feel more comfortable and prevent the cold from attacking you. If you are wearing cotton trousers, you can wear leggings underneath them to protect yourself from heat as well as cold.


Bright colors

If possible, wear bright and dark colors. It would help you if you accidentally get stains on your clothes or something is spilled over you as there is no chance to change your clothes on an airplane. But do not wear sun-attracting colors on a hot day, or you would get sun tanned.

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